Paul Harris Society Members


In 1956, to encourage Rotarians to increase their philanthropy to The Rotary Foundation, the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation developed Paul Harris Fellow recognition for those whose contributions met three criteria: 1) the contribution must be at least $1000; 2) it must be from one individual; and, 3) it must be given within a single year. A pin and medallion were designed as a means to express appreciation to these generous donors. After few gifts at that level were received, the Trustees decided that more money could be collected if Rotarians were allowed to contribute $1,000 over a period of years and, if they could make contributions to honor another person. Some clubs decided to name one person who had long service or other distinguishing characteristics a Paul Harris Fellow. In some cultures, the concept developed that a Paul Harris Fellow was primarily an award for exceptional service. The Paul Harris Fellow took on a totally difference meaning than its original purpose -- to encourage individual Rotarians to give larger contributions to The Rotary Foundation. In 1999, District Governor Wayne Cusick reversed that trend by initiating the Paul Harris Society of District 5340 encouraging Rotarians to personally commit to contributing $1,000 or more annually to The Rotary Foundation. District leadership reminded their members of all the good those gifts do, especially through their financial support. As the Paul Harris Society gained momentum in District 5340, the program spread to 22 districts and the entire country of Japan. In 2002-2003 District Governor Sandy Duckworth chartered the Paul Harris Society for District 7610. In October 2005, Rotary Foundation Trustees officially adopted the Paul Harris Society as a district administered recognition effective with the 2006-2007 Rotary year. Between Rotary Years 2006-2007 and 2011-2012, the number of Paul Harris Society members who were McLean Rotarians grew from three to 22.  The following members of the Rotary Club of McLean are members of the District 7610 Paul Harris Society: Sarvendra "Sam" Agarwal * Pamela Beck Danner *  Robert L. Hahne * Edward B. Holman * Deborah Jackson * Bob Jansen * Dale Lazar * Kathleen L. Martin * Douglas Megill * Tom W. O'Bryon * Guru Raj * Tin Tin and Bilal Raschid * Jean Schiro-Zavela * Eva Sereghy * Dana Sippel * Lois S. Wilson * William Glenn Yarborough * Vance S. Zavela (Charter Member).

Revised March 18, 2014