Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee reaches out to the McLean community to establish partnerships and relationships that ensure the club service projects are meeting real community needs and doing so efficiently. The committee provides information to local media to increase awareness of the Rotary mission and to inform the public of club accomplishments. Rick Neldon is Chair of the Committee__.


Public Image Project Plan for McLean Rotary Club

“Sharing our Stories,” Rotary Year 2015-2016

Prepared by Richard P. Neldon

Public Image Chair, McLean Rotary Club


Focus:   The Public Image Committee of the McLean Rotary Club will work to increase the public’s awareness of the McLean Rotary Club by sharing the stories of what we do in our community and in the world.

1     Goals:

+            To share the stories of the people of the McLean Rotary Club with our community.

+            To increase the visibility of our local and international Rotary projects.

+            To show how a small, focused group of Rotarians can have a large impact on the life of our local community and make that community better.

+            To share our stories in such a way that we draw in as new Rotarians members of our McLean Community who share our interests and are willing to take an active part in the good works of the Club.

2     Club Strategies:

+            Prepare articles for publication in the four local newspapers that serve the greater McLean community.

               =             Establish good relations with our four local newspapers.

=             On average, try to have one or two articles published monthly.  Put special emphasis on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Club, the McLean Chocolate Festival, and grants presented to local community groups by the McLean Rotary Club Foundation.

=             Try and arrange for a public service announcement for the McLean Rotary Club, and     other local Clubs, to be published in a local paper.


+            Make optimal use of electronic media to share our stories.

=             Maintain the Club Website at a high level; keep it user friendly; make it inviting to visitors; provide up to date information; make it the “go to site” for local Rotarians wanting information about the McLean Club and its activities.

=             Install counter on Website.

               =             Maintain an up-to-date Facebook Page that shares the stories of our Club.

               =             Contribute information about the McLean Club to the District Facebook Page.

               =             Investigate the possible use of Twitter.

=             Regularly post articles of information on the McLean Patch, a local electronic only publication.

3     Promote the annual McLean Chocolate Festival:


+             At least one member of the Public Image Team will serve on the organization committee for the Festival.

+             Assume responsibility for the construction and maintenance of the Chocolate Festival Website.

+             Take the lead in promoting the Festival by:

               =             Developing advertisements and placing same in local newspapers.

               =             Placing notices for the Festival in local publications such as:

-        On the calendar pages of all local newspapers and in the Local Living section of the Washington Post.

-        On the calendar pages of local magazines such as Viva Tysons, Arlington Magazine, and Northern Virginia Magazine.  Also, submit notices to county publications and parent publications distributed in preschool/daycare centers.

-        On calendar pages for local radio stations

-        Secure feature articles in local newspapers prior to the Festival.

-        Secure follow-up articles in local newspapers following the Festival.

-        If possible, arrange for local radio and/or television coverage.


4     Other:


+       Attract two or three new members to the Club during the year as a result of Club media exposure.


+       Support the promotion of District programs and activities, and Rotary International programs and activities as appropriate.  Promote the Rotary International monthly focus themes for each month as it corresponds to our local club’s activities.


+       Work in conjunction with neighboring Rotary Clubs as appropriate to help publicize their activities and programs.


+       Be open to special projects and programs that develop during the year.


+       Serve joyfully, having fun doing everything listed above.