CATHY BARRON, chair of the Scholarship/Citizenship Committee, thanked the committee, NANCY BRANDT, MARTI GUTWEIN, JOHN SCHNEIDER, LIZ SOLBERG and RYAN MC LAUGHLIN; other Rotarians JOHN BARRETT, LARRY HUGGINS, MARIELLEN NEUDECK, MIKE PIGGOTT, JIM BODENMILLER, ELAINE TODD and SANGITA HANDA; and the club and board for providing the funds.   She introduced honored guests representing the schools and school corporations.  
JOHN SCHNEIDER presented Cameron DeBlasio and Andrew Ross; LIZ SOLBERG Andrew Fiorini and Rachel Brown; CATHY BARRON Abby Martin.  Please view complete descriptions by clicking on individual names.  The complete program is here.

Money Collector:  CECIL BLIGNAUT and SUSAN HYCHKA;  Greeters: SAM BIEDERSTEDT and GAIL BRICKLER;  Invocation:  KEN DECKER; Piano Player: RAY PEETERS;  Help with attendance and facilitating a smooth meeting:  JO WADE  and RENEE FIGUEROA.  Webmaster:  LARRY HUGGINS.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -- Nelson Mandela

Because we have scholarship presentations for two weeks, we aren’t able to discuss the successful Centennial Celebration.  Most described it as “fun”.  As one of the goals of the event – check.  We plan to relive highlights and thank those who made it all possible during the May 31st Rotary Spotlight Meeting.  If you were not able to attend, I am sharing the beautifully written invocation by BETTY NELSON.  

“Let us join in a moment of reflection.
We call on the Great Spirit, the Spirit we have given more names than we can remember, and you respond.
Surround us and inspire us as we recognize the Lafayette Rotary Club’s century of service to this community and to humankind around the world.
We are grateful for a hundred years of uncommon leaders – from Thomas Moran, Sr. to Thomas Moran, III –people of extraordinary vision and generosity and to the passing parade of Rotarians who served the years between.
Remind us that Rotary is international – that we are stronger when our membership includes women and men, those who are younger and older, and people of many colors and faiths and talents.      
Remind us often the best things in life are not things.  We know we are at our best when we make a positive difference to others, most of whom we will never see and we will never receive their thanks.  Rotarians aspire to be the antithesis of selfies – we want to be “gifts to the world.”
Help us live the words we say so easily and so often:
    We honor truth and fairness
    We promote goodwill and friendships
And let us say “amen!”

Highlights of the Club Board Meeting:
•    A new policy to make the immediate past president Chair of the Board was approved.  The intent is to share the President’s work load.  
•    The Vice President will monitor and provide liaison between the board and the chairs of the club service committee, the community service committee, and the international service committee.
•    RENEE FIGUEROA will be taking new photos of members for this year’s directory.
•    A committee to brainstorm fund raising possibilities includes JOEL RASMUS, MIKE BOEBINGER and CHIRSTINE BURR.