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Ripples - August 28, 2001

Volume 87, Number 9 - August 28, 2001

UPCOMING PROGRAM (September 4, 2001)

Dr. Suellen Reed, Indiana Superintendent of Public Education, will discuss the status of education in Indiana with a particular focus on how to read and evaluate published test scores. Ms. Reed will be introduced by DENNIS DUNN, Program Coordinator for the month of September.

DENNIS DUNN is the Program Coordinator for September Programs, and the theme will be Education.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - HOWARD DIESSLIN, 11:15 - 11:45 a.m., and GORDY YOUNG, 11:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.; Greeter - CHRIS JOHANNSEN; Invocation - KEITH SMITH; and Music - BOB GRIFFITHS; and the start of High School Guests Program (Harrison) hosted by LIZ SOLBERG.


  • Tuesday, September 4, 2001: See Above, and September Birthday Table, DICK HOLTZ, Chair;
  • Tuesday, September 11, 2001: Stan Jones, Commissioner for Higher Education, will comment on the state of higher education in the State of Indiana, including some brief comments on the effect of the web on education in the distant future;
  • Tuesday, September 18, 2001: Superintendents ED EILER, Lafayette School Corporation, and Richard Wood, Tippecanoe School Corporation, will respond as a panel to questions previously submitted by Rotary members; and
  • Tuesday, September 25, 2001: DENNIS DUNN, President, Growing Child Inc., "Successful Schools Depend on Successful Parenting."


Prior to the invocation today, President OSCAR requested members/spouses to keep the following in their thoughts and prayers: JIM FENN; BOB FIELDS; BOB HIATT; JOHN and EUDORA MC KEE; ED PAGE; Dirk Reif, son of BARB; CAROL REW, spouse of CARL; LEW RUNNELS; FAE SPURLOCK; and BEV STONE.

DEEPEST SYMPATHY to the family of VARRO "TIP" TYLER who died at 6:55 a.m., Wednesday, August 22, 2001 in St. Elizabeth Medical Center. CHIP RUTLEDGE noted that TIP and spouse, VIRGINIA, had just returned from a trip to AUSTRIA; had spoken with a friend on the telephone on Tuesday night; Wednesday a.m. got up and was going about his activities when, according to the Sunday "Indianapolis Star", the cause of death was a blood clot in his lung. TIP became a Rotarian on October 25, 1966 and had made several most interesting Club presentations over the years regarding herbs; he will be missed. A eulogy will be offered by JIM FENN and CHIP RUTLEDGE at the Tuesday, September 4th Club meeting.

SHIRLEY WEST, spouse of TERRY, had surgery at Mayo Clinic, Friday, August 17th; SHIRLEY is recovering nicely at home.

JENNIFER SHANAHAN and spouse, JOHN, announced by BOB BROCK, became parents of a baby girl this weekend, congratulations JENNIFER and JOHN.

HIGH SCHOOL GUESTS PROGRAM with KEN EWING, Chair, starts Tuesday, September 4th. High school students will be guests of the Club, during the school year, each Tuesday except the last Tuesday of each month; guests from Ivy Tech State College and Indiana Business College will be guests of the Club on the last Tuesday of each month.


INFORMATION SESSION for prospective Rotarians, 11:00 a.m., Tuesday, September 4th, Tailgate Lounge, across from registration desk, University Inn Conference Center and Suites will be conducted by JERRY MC CARTHY. Please contact GRIFF if you have an individual you would like to propose for membership.

PICTORIAL DIRECTORY for the 2001-2002 Rotary Year was available for distribution today. Special thanks again this year goes to CHRIS FUNK for the many hours spent in taking pictures and compiling, editing, and arranging the Directory information. And, to DAVE LANDGREBE for the many hours spent during the year maintaining the Club database. Upon receiving your copy, please review and get corrections/changes, hopefully there aren't any, to GRIFF so that next year's can be even more accurate.

PLEASE NOTE: The Board of Directors reminds Club members that the Directory is NOT to be used commercially or for any non-Rotarian solicitation. The Directory is for each member's private use in contacting fellow members, developing acquaintances, or for conducting Rotary business. It is NOT to be used as a business mailing list nor is it to be loaned to other groups. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

ROTARY/PMO HABITAT HOUSE construction starts Friday, September 21st; this day and Saturday, September 22nd, are extremely important as the framing (framing will be pre-formed, so will be much easier than normal construction) must be done these two days so that the roof can be put on the house on Monday, September 24th. Rotarians are needed for the next two weeks to assist with various phases of construction, especially cleanup. The Rotary/PMO Habitat House will be one of 10 that will be constructed during this period. Sign-up sheets will be available at Rotary each Tuesday, so please check your schedule and volunteer to help with this "Service Above Self" project.

SMALL GROUP DINNER: No reservations available for Thursday, September 6th, with KEN EWING.

COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT: SANDY PEARLMAN, Vice Chair, Community Project Committee, announces that the next Committee project will be the United Way Week of Caring, Tuesday a.m. (not sure of hours at this time), September 18th. Need for 10 volunteers to stuff envelopes for Family Services, Inc.; sign-up sheets will be available during the next few Tuesdays.

PROGRAM (August 28, 2001)

PRESIDENT OSCAR introduced TRACIE HUGHES, Program Coordinator for August, who in turn introduced Marianne Rose, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, United Way of Greater Lafayette (United Way). Ms. Rose noted that:

  • United Way is an independent, non-profit organization run by some 300 local volunteers and administered by a small paid staff;
  • A group of leadership donors known as "The Vanguard" have elected to direct a portion of their contributions to cover the administrative costs;
  • Since 1923 United Way has raised over $70 million, and all the money raised has stayed here in the Greater Lafayette community;
  • 100% of an individual's contribution goes directly to support the 26-member agencies that provide a variety of human service programs; and
  • The principal responsibilities of the United Way are to: a) Raise funds to help support members agencies; b) Administer those funds in the most efficient and effective manner possible; and c) Monitor services to avoid duplication.

Ms. Rose then introduced Elaine Doss, United Way Loan Campaign Representative (Representative) from Ivy Tech State College, who discussed some of her personal experience with various United Way service agencies as well as some aspects of her training to be a Representative.

VISITING ROTARIANS: Frank Bruggner, Fisher; Selene Phillips, Grand Forks, ND; and Ted Wolfe, Monroe, LA.

MAKEUPS: JOHN BARRETT, Snowmass Village, CO (seven times); and BILL FULLER, not sure where as make-up card did not indicate.

VISITORS: Dr. Hasso Shorin (from GERMANY), guest of JIM FUNK; Emil Ionascu (from ROMANIA), guest of MARK RUSSELL.

SPECIAL GUEST: Jong Peeon Park, Ambassadorial Scholar from Seoul, REPUBLIC OF KOREA (ROK), guest of the Club and hosted/introduced by TERRY WEST. Jong is working on a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue.

INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE (IBC) GUEST: Jackie Welch, guest of the Club, was introduced by GREG REGER, Executive Director, IBC. Jackie is a 4th quarter student majoring in professional accounting; hopes to graduate in March 2002; and spouse is in Civil Engineering at Purdue. President OSCAR presented a certificate of recognition and a Rotary travel mug (Four-Way Test on it) to Jackie.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - KIRK CLARK and CHRISTY SMITH; Invocation by MARK RUSSELL; Singing led by GREG NAPIER; Rotary Piano by REX KEPLER; and Free Meals Drawing - BILL BAUMGARDT and DENNIS DUNN.


First Tuesday of September, September 4, 2001.

SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS and DATES - GIL SATTERLY, Chair, September Birthday Table.













































Number indicates months of continuous attendance; no number indicates one month.

ADAMS (110); BARRETT (47); BOUGH (7); BROCK (85); CARPENTER (13); CARREON; CHISCON, AL (139); CHISCON, MARTHA (132); COHEN, FRITZ (67); COHEN, LEONA (5); COURTANEY (48); DIESSLIN (73); DOVERSBERGER (2); ELLISON; EWING (73); FEUER (223); FILMER (66); FOSTER (71); FREY, HARLEY (167); FULLER (208); FUNK, CHRIS (42); GARRISON (46); GRIFFITH (270); GRIFFITHS (70); HALL, MARGARET (125); HAMMEL (28); HANKS (38); HANSEN (37); HATFIELD (246); HOBBS (89); HOPKINS (72); HYCHKA (49); IRVIN; JACKSON (67); JANLE (48); KECK (66); KEPLER (134); KINGMA (2); KLUSMAN (76); GRIFFIN KOEHLER (120); KOSMAN (39); LANDGREBE (133); LANE (476); LOVELL (20); LUHMAN (86); MAYES (9); MC CARTHY (38); MC HENRY (71); MILLER, BILL R. (350); MITCHELL (140); MITHOEFER; NELSON (81); PAPE (251); PARK (22); PLUMLEE; POST (9); PRITSCHER (21); RAHDERT (109); SATTERLY (5); SCHMIDT (273); SILVA (253); SMITH, KEITH (52); SMITH, SUSAN (109); SOLBERG; ST. JOHN (142); SUDDARTH (48); SWAIN; TEDER, DAN (112); TROTT (4); TURLEY (169); TURNER, JANE (130); VERPLANK (435); WADE (91); WALKER (195); WEST (97); and WILEY (251).

CONGRATULATIONS to GENE COURTANEY, ELSA JANLE, and BETTY SUDDARTH who had four years; to OSCAR HOPKINS who had six years; to JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER who had 10 years; and to MARTHA CHISCON who had 11 years of 100% attendance at the end of July 2001. Lapel recognition pins are available from GRIFF.


Monday, August 13, 2001:

  • Minutes of the July 9th meeting were approved as distributed;
  • DALE MC HENRY, Club Treasurer, reviewed the "Cash Receipts and Disbursements Summary" (Summary) for July (Column O of Summary represents the FY 2002-2003 Budget) and noted: a) $7,404.00 to Rotary International (RI) for semi-annual dues, Council on Legislation levy, "Rotarian" subscriptions, and annual general liability insurance was the major expenditure; b) Cash balance of $19,653.00 at the end of July was about $1,200.00 more than the same time last year; c) Five members dropped for failure to pay dues; d) Files and documents for FY 2000-2001 transferred to Thieme and Adair CPAs with request that review report be provided no later than September 30th; and e) John F. Theme verbally quoted $600.00 for the review plus specified audit procedures and preparation of Federal and Indiana Tax reports, the same fee as charged last year;
  • Board approved membership proposal, pending approval by the Membership Selection & Classification and Membership Education & Information Committees, of Scott Walker, Director of Development, Century 21 Right Angle Reality;
  • Board approved special membership transfers of Selene Phillips, Graduate Student working on Ph.D. in Liberal Arts, from Grand Forks, ND; Mike Piggott, Director, Visitor Information Center and Community Relations, Purdue, from Daybreak; and Ted Wolfe, Administrative Director, Oncology Institute, from Monroe, LA;
  • BOB GARRISON, Chair, Funds Request Committee, reported that the Committee had received a request and would be meeting to consider that request;
  • DAN TEDER reported that the Task Force and Personnel Committee have met and the Personnel Committee has a proposal regarding the Executive Director/Secretary position;
  • DAVE BOUGH, President Elect and Chair, Rotary/PMO Service Above Self Committee ("Singing for Greater Lafayette") reported that: a) Based on the problems of poor acoustics (high ceiling and lack of carpeting), staging seemingly not strong enough to support the entire PMO group, and cost, it was consensus not to use Cumberland Place this year; b) Long Center for the Performing Arts has been reserved for Thursday, February 7, 2002 - setup, and Friday, February 8, 2002 - performance; and c) PMO has received positive response from two of the five high school choral organizations regarding participation in "Singing for Greater Lafayette" - Board approved the proposed dates of February 7 (setup) and February 8 (performance) dates;
  • Avenues of Service Reports: a) Club Avenue of Service - BOB GARRISON, Senior Director, noted that District Governor McFadden stressed a 5% net increase in Club membership; and at this time there was concern expressed regarding involvement of spouses, i.e., spouses of prospective members should be invited as a part of Club visitations and Information Sessions; b) Community Avenue of Service - KEN EWING, Chair, High School Guest Committee, reported that the high school student guests program would start Tuesday, September 4th; c) International Avenue of Service - BILL LOVELL, Director, noted that two, perhaps three, Ambassadorial Scholars (Scholars) will be on campus this year and that TERRY WEST and GORDY YOUNG would be in charge of arranging Host Counselors for each of these Scholars and that District Governor McFadden indicated that he hoped the Club would again become involved with the Youth Exchange Program and perhaps host all of the District's youth exchange students for a weekend; and d) Vocational Avenue of Service - No Report.

Next Club Board of Directors meeting will be Monday, September 10th, 5:15 p.m., Cinergy PSI Community Room.


Wednesday, August 15, 2001:

  • Minutes of the July 11th meeting were approved as distributed;
  • A question was raised at the July Board meeting as to what was included in the "Other" income category of the Lafayette Rotary Foundation (LRF) Treasurer's 4th Quarter Report, 4.1.01 - 6.30.01; DAVE LANDGREBE, LRF Treasurer, noted that the income category included birthday table money, new member money, money contributed for grandchildren, money contributed in memory of members who have died, etc.; Report was approved by the Board;
  • KEITH SMITH, Chair, Investment Committee noted that the Committee met Wednesday, July 25th; Committee would be meeting quarterly, if appropriate; provided the Board with very complete and detailed minutes from the Committee meeting, plus a listing of investments by category; and indicated that from time to time there is an inquiry as to the appropriateness of index funds versus active managed funds and that the Committee is comfortable with its position with regard to this;
  • The Mid-Land Meals, Inc. request for up to $1,500.00 to purchase a new freezer, cooler, hood, or other equipment for the new central kitchen to be built on Concord Road, south of Henry Poor Lumber, was approved with the stipulation that the check not be forwarded until September 1st ;
  • President OSCAR reviewed the Club Board's August meeting; and
  • "Non-Profit Organization Authorization For Cash Accounts" document for Merrill Lynch, authorizing STEVE THOMPSON, President, LRF, and/or KEITH SMITH, Chair, Investment Committee, to have signature authority to transfer money from Merrill Lynch to LRF Treasurer has been revised; therefore, the new document was reviewed and appropriate signature authorizations of STEVE, KEITH, as well as TOM PEARSON, Vice President, LRF, will be obtained.

Next Foundation Board meeting will be Wednesday, September 12th, 4:30 p.m., Huth Thompson LLP Conference Room, Columbia Block Building.

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