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Ripples - July 31, 2001

Volume 87, Number 5 - July 31, 2001

UPCOMING PROGRAM (August 7, 2001)

William D. McFadden, District Governor, Rotary International District 6560, Carmel Rotary Club, will be the speaker. District Governor McFadden will be introduced by President OSCAR HOPKINS. District Governor McFadden and his spouse, Judy Ford, also a Carmel Rotarian and a loan officer for Irwin Mortgage Corp. specializing in home mortgages, are the parents and step-parents of eight and have 12 grandchildren. Both District Governor McFadden and Judy Ford are Paul Harris Fellows. District Governor McFadden is the Past President of the Carmel Rotary Club (1991-1992), has been a Rotarian since 1976, has served on many committees at the Club level, over the years has served on 10 district committees, has been involved with the Youth Exchange Programs since 1993, and was the 1998 Group Study Exchange Leader to NORWAY. Schedule of activities for District Governor McFadden's visit include: (1) 10:15 a.m. - Meeting with Club Officers and Senior Directors, Alumni Room, University Inn Conference Center and Suites (University Inn); and (2) Speaker at the regular Club meeting.

TRACIE HUGHES is the Program Coordinator for August Programs.

  • Tuesday, August 7, 2001: See Above, and August Birthday Table, DICK HOLTZ, Chair;
  • Tuesday, August 14, 2001: "WBAA - Public Radio", TRACIE HUGHES and Daniel Skinner, Manager, Radio Station WBAA;
  • Tuesday, August 21, 2001: All Service Club Meeting, Lafayette Rotary hosting Purdue's Football Coach, Joe Tiller, and Women's Volleyball Coach, Jeff Hulsmeyer;
  • Tuesday, August 28, 2001: "2001 United Way Campaign and Where Money Goes", Marianne Rose, Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - KIRK CLARK, 11:15 - 11:45 a.m., and CHRISTY SMITH, 11:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.; Greeter - SANDY ALLENDE; Invocation - LARRY HUGGINS; and Music - GREG NAPIER.


Prior to the invocation today, President OSCAR requested members/spouses to keep the following in their thoughts and prayers: BOB FIELDS; BOB HIATT; JOHN and EUDORA MC KEE; ED PAGE; Dirk Reif, son of BARB; CAROL REW, spouse of CARL; LEW RUNNELS; FAE SPURLOCK; and BEV STONE.

CORRESPONDENCE from LEW RUNNELS…Dear Lafayette Rotary Friends…The beautiful azalea arrived at my home soon after I left the hospital. It sure brightens things here after my "surprise" stay in the hospital…Your many cards and calls wishing for my recovery and your caring and fellowship are deeply appreciated. See you soon! LEW RUNNELS


DALE MC HENRY announced at the Executive Committee Meeting, Wednesday, July 25th, that he would be retiring as Club Treasurer, effective June 30, 2001. Anyone who might be interested in serving as Club Treasurer, please contact GRIFF.

PLEASE NOTE: Members of the Community Service Projects Committee are requested to send their e-mail addresses to FRITZ COHEN, Chair - cohenfg@purdue.edu.

"SHOTS NOT SPOTS" work spots, scheduled for Wednesday, August 8th, Tippecanoe County Fair Grounds (Home Ec Building): 10:00 a.m. - Noon - BOB ADAMS; GREG EBERHARD; JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER and Madison Koehler; BETTY NELSON and JOHN TROTT; Noon - 2:00 p.m. - JOHN CARPENTER; GENE HILLS; BILL HINZE; PAUL POST; and FRANCIS PRITSCHER; 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. - MARTHA and AL CHISCON; JIM FUNK; BARB HANSEN; and JOE KRAUSE; 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. - CARA CARREON; ELAINE ELLISON; JIM FOSTER; MILLARD PLUMLEE; and PHIL SWAIN.

MAKEUPS: FRITZ and LEONA COHEN, sailing aboard the M/V R8 (two times); PATTY JISCHKE, Indianapolis; and LE ROY SILVA, Elkhart (two times), and Indianapolis.

AUGUST BIRTHDAY TABLE - First Tuesday of August, Tuesday, August 7, 2001.

 AUGUST BIRTHDAYS and DATES - DICK HOLTZ, Chair, August Birthday Table.





















































JUNE 100% CLUB: Number indicates months of continuous attendance; no number indicates one month. ADAMS (109); BARRETT (46); BOUGH (6); BRANIGIN; BROCK (84); CARPENTER (12); CHISCON, AL (138); CHISCON, MARTHA (130); CLARK (4); COHEN, FRITZ (66); COHEN, LEONA (4); COURTANEY (47); DIESSLIN (72); DOVERSBERGER; EWING (72); FEUER (222); FILMER (65); FOSTER (70); FREY, HARLEY (166); FULLER (207); FUNK, CHRIS (41); GARRISON (45); GRIFFITH (269); GRIFFITHS (69); HALL, MARGARET (124); HAMMEL (27); HANKS (37); HANSEN (36); HATFIELD (245); HOBBS (88); HOLTZ; HOPKINS (71); HYCHKA (48); JACKSON (66); JANLE (47); KECK (65); KEPLER (133); KINGMA; KLINGER; KLUSMAN (75); GRIFFIN KOEHLER (119); KOHLS (4); KOSMAN (38); LANDGREBE (132); LANE (475); LOVELL (19); LUHMAN (85); LUZADER; MAYES (8); MC CARTHY (37); MC HENRY (70); MILLER, BILL R. (349); MITCHELL (139); NELSON (80); PAPE (250); PARK (21); PARKHURST (18); POST (8); PRITSCHER (20); RAHDERT (108); REEVES-KERNER; REGER; RUNNELS (148); SANDERSON (4); SATTERLY (4); SCHMIDT (272); SCHWARZ (2); SILVA (252); SMITH, JIM; SMITH, KEITH (51); SMITH, SUSAN (108); ST. JOHN (141); SUDDARTH (47); TEDER, DAN (111); TEDER, LAWRENCE (5); TROTT (3); TURLEY (168); TURNER, JANE (129); VERPLANK (434); WADE (90); WALKER (194); WEST (96); and WILEY (250).

CONGRATULATIONS to JOHN CARPENTER who had one year; to BARB HANSEN who had three years; to SUSAN HYCHKA who had four years; to HOWARD DIESSLIN and KEN EWING who had six years; to BOB BROCK who had seven years; to TERRY WEST who had eight years; to DICK RAHDERT and SUSAN SMITH who had nine years; to DAVE LANDGREBE who had 11 years; to JIM TURLEY who had 14 years; and LE ROY SILVA who had 21 years of 100% attendance at the end of June 2001. Lapel recognition pins are available from GRIFF.


(Richard D. King, President, Rotary International - "The Rotarian" – July 2001): Few businesses - even service businesses like Rotary - have any asset more important than people. In order to increase members, the RI Board of Directors has undertaken a worldwide campaign called "Rotary's Global Quest" to increase membership. It is the most ambitious membership campaign ever undertaken by Rotary. It has been estimated that 90 percent of the Rotarians in the world have never sponsored a single new member. I would like to suggest six concepts essential to building Rotary membership:

  • It is the privilege and duty of every Rotarian to sponsor new members into the organization.
  • The quality we seek is a quality of the heart - not just income or position.
  • Membership development is first and foremost a search for the right people and not people with the right classification.
  • In the words of Past RI President Robert Barth: "If we want to see another century of Rotary, we must make Rotary attractive for young people."
  • Membership development must be an annual emphasis and campaign, just as is The Rotary Foundation.
  • Since Paul Harris started Rotary, no one has ever become a Rotarian until someone else touched and asked that person to join. We must meet this challenge head on. If we do not build for the future, we are destined to become a relic of the past.

NOTE: RI President King's 20 reasons to join Rotary will be in future issues of "Ripples."

CLUB BOARD MEETING NOTES (Monday, June 9, 2001)

  • Minutes of the June 11th meeting were approved as distributed;
  • Lafayette Rotary Foundation (LRF) Treasurer's 4th Quarter Report, 4.1.01 - 6.30.01 was reviewed;
  • MC HENRY, Club Treasurer noted: a) President OSCAR reimbursed a total of $1,606.00 for attendance to the 2001 RI Convention, San Antonio, TX, and Club reimbursed in full by the LRF for expenditures of $4,476.00 for the "Singing for Greater Lafayette"/Habitat for Humanity concert; b) Reviewed the Cash Receipts and Disbursements Summary Report for June, the Fiscal Year Cash Flow Comparison, 7.1.00-6.30.01 versus 7.1.99-6.30-00, and the Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2001-2002 - noted the Fiscal Year 2000-2001 ended with a cash flow surplus of $2,325.00 compared to the budgeted negative cash flow of $203.00, a positive swing of almost $2,529.00, and that the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2001-2002 projects a surplus cash flow of $999.00; c) Eight members had not paid their dues - Secretary directed by the Board to inform these eight that they had been dropped from membership; and d) Recommended that Thieme & Adair CPA's be engaged to conduct a review, perform selected audit procedures, and prepare Federal and Indiana tax returns for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2000;
  • Board approved the 2001-2002 Fiscal Year Budget and the recommendation to engage Thieme & Adair CPA's
  • Funds Request Committee (BOB GARRISON, Chair, CHRIS FUNK, and GIL SATTERLY) recommended; a) Fund the $1,500.00 funding request from Mid-Land Meals, Inc. to purchase a new freezer, cooler, hood, or other equipment for the new central kitchen to be built on Concord Road, south of Henry Poor Lumber; and b) Not fund request of Sagamore Council Boy Scouts to help offset expenses of delivering the Scouting program to the local community - Board recommended funding of the Mid-Land Meals, Inc. request to the LRF;
  • Task Force continuing to study whether to recommend to the Board the formation of a Finance Committee;
  • Personnel Committee met and continues to formulate a recommendation to the Task Force regarding the Executive Director/Secretary job functions;
  • President OSCAR noted that the start of the Rotary/PMO Habitat House has been postponed from Friday, August 17th, to Friday, September 21st;
  • President Elect DAVE BOUGH reported that members of the Rotary/PMO Service Above Self Committee ("Singing for Greater Lafayette") met at Cumberland Place with Julie Ricciardi, PMO, and there was some concern on her part regarding the acoustics at Cumberland Place;
  • President OSCAR noted that District Governor William McFadden would be making his annual Club visit on Tuesday, August 7th, meet with Club Officers and Senior Directors, and speak at the regular Club meeting;
  • Significant time was spent discussing an expressed concern that too much emphasis/recognition is placed on monetary contributions rather than service to the Club and community in terms of hours served; suggested exploring the recognition programs of Home Hospital, Lafayette Urban Ministry, and Family Services.

FOUNDATION BOARD (LRF) MEETING NOTES of Wednesday, July 11, 2001 covered in future "Ripples."

PREVIOUS PROGRAM (July 24, 2001)

JIM BODENMILLER discussed the present and future of the Museums at Prophetstown (MAP) and DENNIS DUNN discussed the past of MAP, but not sufficient space for DENNIS' major points in last week's "Ripples." He noted initially that one must plan your work and work your plan and compared MAP's plan as following the continuing journey of The Prophet - many problems along the way. DENNIS noted:

  • MAP started in 1988 and it was felt that it would take 10 years to complete - not going to happen;
  • Basic plan was to go to the Greater Lafayette community for $500,000.00, build a membership of 2,000, and move regionally for dollars;
  • Plan and develop a farm and work closely with Native Americans;
  • Purchased $50,000.00 of prairie seed four years ago, and the prairie is established;
  • Farm house is completed, but the estimated cost of $250,000.00 expanded to $800,00.00 due to State rules becoming involved with the construction, i.e., addition of elevator, etc.; and
  • Other problems have slowed progress, i.e., economy, and lack of State funds for the State Park (need to pressure legislatures to fund the State park).

DENNIS closed by further indicating that a great deal has been accomplished, to note this, one should walk the prairie, it's a peaceful place to go and hear the birds; be aware of the wet system; go past the counsel house; and visit the farm house - MAP is not in trouble - going well!

PROGRAM (July 31, 2001)

PRESIDENT OSCAR introduced JIM HANKS who in turn introduced Doug Eberle (Doug), Executive Vice President, Greater Lafayette Health Services, who discussed the merger of Home Hospital and St. Elizabeth Medical Center (John Walling, President and Chief Executive Officer, Greater Lafayette Health Services, was also scheduled to speak, but schedule conflicts necessitated that he cancel). Doug discussed the four P's of the merger: Plan - Provide high quality and cost effective healthcare; Promises - St. Elizabeth Medical Center would remain Catholic, Home Hospital would remain non-sectarian, form a 50/50 ownership, governess, and risk entity (Greater Lafayette Health Services), and save $50 million during the first five years of the merger; Problems - Health care is difficult and the number one problem is workforce shortage; and Present - Continual progress is being made, i.e., saved $35+ million dollars in 2-1/2 years, and the merger is still mission driven as were the previous two entities. Doug allowed plenty of Q & A time that, in the opinion of one long time Rotarian, was the best Rotary Q & A time that he had witnessed in 39 years of Rotary programs.

VISITING ROTARIAN: Jay Smith, former Lafayette Rotarian and son of JIM, Daybreak.

VISITORS: BRYAN HUGHES, spouse of TRACIE; Ted Wolfe (Administrative Director, Oncology Institute, and Rotarian from Monroe, LA), guest of the Club and introduced by GRIFF; Dan Lustyan (Nogsco Knowledge Information, San Jose, CA), guest of CHRIS JOHANNSEN; Joe Boorman (Executive Director, Westminster Village) and Mariellen Neudeck (Chair, Board of Directors, Lafayette Savings Bank, and Retiring Vice President, Greater Lafayette Health Services), guests of JIM HANKS; Fred Boyd (Retired from Huntington Laboratories, Huntington), guest of OSCAR HOPKINS; Brent Bowditch (Assistant Director of Personnel Services - Staff Benefits, Purdue), guest of BILL LOVELL; Leslie Branch and Lindsay Weaver (Promotion Counselors, Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products), guests of KENT MILLS; Sherm Kessler (New Ross farmer and former Purdue Trustee), guest of BETTY NELSON; and Jerry Weedon (Retired from Eli Lilly & Co. and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity), guest of DOUG TAYLOR.

SPECIAL GUEST: Masayoshi Shimo, Ambassadorial Scholar from JAPAN, who is in his second year at Purdue, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering, guest of the Club and introduced by his Host Counselor, TERRY WEST.

INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE GUEST: Amy Hayden, guest of the Club, was introduced by GREG REGER, Executive Director, IBC. Amy is from the Delphi area, parenting two children and two step children, drives a school bus for the Delphi School Corporation, attending IBC fulltime, and plans to graduate in September 2001. President OSCAR presented a certificate of recognition and a Rotary travel mug (Four-Way Test on it) to Amy.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - MARTHA CHISCON and FRANCIS PRITSCHER; Invocation by EARL PARK substituting for GREG EBERHARD (GREG had a funeral this a.m.); Singing led by BOB VERPLANK substituting for SUSAN SMITH; Rotary Piano by REX KEPLER; and Free Meals Drawing – GORDON COPPOC and DAN HEMAN.

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