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Ripples - July 24, 2001

Volume 87, Number 4 - July 24, 2001

UPCOMING PROGRAM (July 31, 2001)

Doug Eberle and John Walling will discuss (What positive results have been achieved up to now? What promise does the future hold? What problems have been overcome and which still exist?) the merger of Home Hospital and St. Elizabeth Medical Center. Doug and John will be introduced by JIM HANKS, July Program Coordinator.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - MARTHA CHISCON, 11:15 to 11:45 a.m., and FRANCIS PRITSCHER, 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; Greeter - PAUL POST; Invocation - GREG EBERHARD; Music - SUSAN SMITH; and a Vocational Student Guest from Indiana Business College.


Prior to the invocation today, President OSCAR HOPKINS, requested members/spouses to keep the following in their thoughts and prayers: BOB FIELDS; BOB HIATT; JOHN and EUDORA MC KEE; ED PAGE (According to GUS GUSTAFSON, ED is progressing slowly and will be in the hospital for some time); Dirk Reif, son of BARB; CAROL REW, spouse of CARL; LEW RUNNELS (President OSCAR talked briefly with LEW, he came home from St. Elizabeth Medical Center on Saturday, July 21st, and moving around the house slowly, gets tired quickly and easily); FAE SPURLOCK; and BEV STONE.

PLEASE NOTE: ROTARY/PMO HABITAT HOUSE start has been postponed from Friday, August 17th, to Friday, September 21st, due to site preparation problems caused by rain. Keep Friday and Saturday, September 21st and 22nd, open on your calendar to help with this project. Portions of the house will be pre-paneled, but all of this will need to be done so that the roof can be put on the framed house on Monday, September 24th. JOHN HUIE is Chair, Volunteer Sign-ups; and JON HUSTON and BOB VERPLANK are Site Supervisors of the work team during Rotary/PMO's involvement in construction.

CONGRATULATIONS to DOUG and MARILYN BRANIGIN on the arrival of grandson, Eric Branigin, born on Sunday, July 15, 2001, to John and Amy Branigin in Bloomington; this is John's and Amy's first child. Thanks to DOUG and MARILYN for a significant contribution to the Lafayette Foundation in honor of Eric Branigin.

CORRESPONDENCE from HARLAND WHITE…Please extend to the Board of Directors my appreciation for naming me an Honorary member of Rotary…Thank you all…Sincerely yours, HARLAND.

CORRESPONDENCE from VANWARYN PEETERS, spouse of RAY…I would like to thank Rotary for sending the lovely white mum plant that is charming and blessing me into a quick recovery from surgery…RAY and I will both be enjoying them for many weeks to come. Thank you so much- VANWARYN PEETERS.

HANS and IRMA NAUMANN have moved to Phoenix, AZ to be nearer family; HANS has resigned from Rotary.


July 1, 2000 - * 270 members - 157 actives, 2 additional actives, 101 senior actives, and 10 past services; plus 5 honorary members (Bryan D. Breed; David L. Heath; Forest W. Howell; Sonya L. Margerum; and Beverley Stone).

New members – Active and Additional Active (30) - Dellinger (Hyatt); Cohen, L.; Jischke, M.; Andrews, W.; Beck; Buchanan, J.; Andrews, L.; Madrid; Jischke, P.; Murphy; Swain; Smith, Christopher; Sahley; Seaborne; Ellison; Novak; Helgesen; Hernandez; O'Brien; Wojtalwicz; Luzader; Weaver; Coury; Carreon; Huie; Micon; Batagiannis; Deason; Reger; Klinger;

New Members - Past Service (3): Post; Modlin; Reif;

Deaths (3): Marvin W. Phillips (9.3.00); Yelverton B. "YB" Hall (12.19.00); Harold B. Taylor (1.5.01);

Resigned - Attendance/Dropped (18): Carson; Buchanan, J.; Coles; Drewry; Weaver; Madrid; Smith, Christopher; Beck; Dubberley; Taylor, Daniel; Knuppel; Sanders; Coury; Kapp; Kisinger; Knote; Modlin; Roquemore;

Resigned - Health (0):

Resigned - Relocated (9): Blade; Comstock; Valentine, A.; Valentine, W.; Moore; Clark, N.; Mott; Stuckey; Naumann; and

Moved from Senior Active to Honorary (1): McKee.

June 30, 2001 - * 272 members - 160 actives, 3 additional actives, 97 senior actives, and 12 past services; plus 5 honorary members (Brian D. Breed; David L. Heath; Sonya L. Margerum; John F. McKee; Beverley Stone; and Forest W. Howell - deceased 2.13.01).

* Does not include honorary members

ROTARY INTERNATIONAL SEMIANNUAL REPORT submitted today for 272 members, plus 10 honoraries (BREED; HEATH, D.; MARGERUM; MC KEE; and STONE) and gifts (Libraries of Harrison and Jefferson High Schools; Purdue University Library; and Libraries of Sunnyside and Tecumseh Junior High Schools) subscriptions to "The Rotarian."

Total cost to the Club is $7,404.00, which is made up of the following categories: $4,760.00 – Semiannual Dues for 272 members @ $17.50; $272.00 - Council On Legislation levy @ $1.00; $680.00 - Annual liability insurance assessment, payable only each July Semiannual Report @ $2.50; and $1,692.00 – "The Rotarian" subscription for 272 members and 10 honorary/gift subscriptions @ $6.00.

PROGRAM (July 24, 2001)

PRESIDENT OSCAR introduced JIM HANKS, July Program Coordinator, who introduced the three speakers: Tom Burkhart, Property Manager, Prophetstown State Park; JIM BODENMILLER, Vice President, Museums of Prophetstown (MAP) Board, becomes President in January 2001; and DENNIS DUNN, Immediate Past President, MAP Board.

Tom Burkhart, with aid of panels, noted: The various parts and boundaries of the State Park; work is currently being done, mainly not visible from the road; and Working aggressively toward completion of Phase #1, i.e., gate house, campsite, and picnic area.

JIM BODENMILLER discussed what currently is happening and a look at the future of MAP; JIM noted:

  • Board's initial completion schedule was too ambitious, but many things have been accomplished, i.e., prairie is established, farm house is completed, tours are being conducted on a regular basis, and there are many volunteers assisting;
  • Initial (three years ago) $3 million local fund campaign was successful;
  • Expansion of the fund drive regionally, and hopefully nationally, ran into difficulty due to several variables, i.e., some 60 ongoing fund campaigns were in progress in Indianapolis, economy problems for corporations, etc.;
  • Applications for several grants are in process;
  • MAP staffing has progressed, i.e., last summer hired a financial director to be sure accounting procedures are proper; employed a Director, Living History Farm, who has initiated programs, supervising the farm house utilization and furnishings, etc.; and currently interviewing for an Executive Director, currently filled on a temporary basis by Ed Finn;
  • State Park and MAP working together;
  • Have developed a strategic plan and in the process of implementation; and
  • Early fall will move ahead with barn construction and other buildings related to the "living farm."

DENNIS DUNN discussed the past of MAP; this to be covered in next week's issue of "Ripples."

VISITORS: Steve Hychka, spouse of SUSAN; Linda Hardwick (University Development Office, Purdue), guest of AL CHISCON; and Al Knight (Assistant Director, Organizational and Career Development, Purdue), guest of GRIFF.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - MARTHA CHISCON, and FRANCIS PRITSCHER; Greeting by PAUL POST; Invocation by BARB REIF; No Rotary Singing Today; Rotary Piano by REX KEPLER; and Free Meals Drawing - MIKE FRAMPTON and BILL HEATH.

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