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Ripples - June 12, 2001

Volume 85, Number 48 - June 12, 2001

UPCOMING PROGRAM (June 19, 2001)

Otto C. Doering, III, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue, will speak on "Why We Are Where We Are Today With Energy Problems." Dr. Doering joined the staff at Purdue in 1972, and has a B.A. degree (1963) from Cornell, a M.Sc. degree (1965) from London School of Economics (England), and a Ph.D. degree (1973) from Cornell. Dr. Doering will be introduced by OSCAR HOPKINS, President Elect and Program Coordinator for the month of June.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - DICK KOHLS, 11:15 to 11:45 a.m., and STEVE HICKMAN, 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; Greeter - DOUG REGER; Invocation - GORDON KINGMA; and Music - KATHY MEEKS.


Prior to the invocation today, President DAN TEDER, requested members/spouses to keep the following in their thoughts and prayers: BOB FIELDS; BOB HIATT; JOHN and EUDORA MC KEE; ED PAGE (LEW RUNNELS reported that ED was at St. Elizabeth Medical Center, no visitors please); Dirk Reif, son of BARB; CAROL REW, spouse of CARL; FAE SPURLOCK; and BEV STONE.

SPECIAL REQUEST: The beneficiary of this year's Rotary Club and Purdue Musical Organizations (PMO) annual fund raising event ("Singing for Greater Lafayette") is Habitat for Humanity of Lafayette, with proceeds going to fund the construction of Lafayette's first Rotary/PMO Habitat House. President DAN noted today that the Club's and PMO's goal was to raise $44,000.00 ($40,000.00 to go directly to build the Rotary/PMO Habitat House, with the additional $4,000.00 earmarked as a 10% tithe to build two houses in Haiti). The event generated approximately $30,000.00, i.e., grossed approximately $40,300.00 with Club and PMO expenses of approximately $10,300.00. Since this is our Club's primary fund raising project this year, a Special Committee composed of LAWRENCE TEDER; BOB GRIFFITHS; DAVE LUHMAN; and BOB VERPLANK, is hopeful that their recently mailed special request to members, those who were unable to contribute initially, or those who would consider an additional contribution, will generate the additional $14,000.00 to meet the Club's goal. The Committee is asking those who have not responded to this request to consider making a contribution; an average contribution of $55.00 from each member would permit attainment of the goal.

CORRESPONDENCE from DICK WALKER…I am happy to send a contribution for Habitat - hope you make up the shortfall!!…MARJORIE is recovering beautifully from her brain surgery (pump valve and shunt drain). I'm hoping to get back in time for the football season. This stay will have been 15 months by that date. I go whenever I can to Port Clinton Rotary Club and have been to about 8-10 meetings since I last wrote…I hope all is well with everyone in the Club. Thanks for the stamp….As ever…DICK

ROTARY WEBSITE: One of the items in the January 4, 2000 issue of "Ripples" was information regarding "hits", i.e., one user looking at the "Ripples" or another page of the Club's extensive website information. The Club's website is managed/generated by CHRIS FUNK, who does such a fantastic job, and contains each week's "Ripples", past issues of "Ripples", and much much more information about Rotary, i.e., Club, District, and International. Keeping track of such "hits" by CHRIS, was started on July 21, 1999 and there were 464 "hits" from this date until the end of the month. An update of the Club's website "hits" was requested from CHRIS, and it was astonishing to note that in April 2001 there were well over 3,000 "hits" on the website; some prior months were lower, but the last four months the "hits" have averaged well over 2,500 per month. The website is a tremendous resource to members, particularly new members, who wish to know more about Rotary. And, members who choose to receive "Ripples" electronically versus mail saves the Club .206 cents per member each week; please let CHRIS or GRIFF know if you would like to receive "Ripples" electronically exclusively.


 INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION COMMITTEE MESSAGE from JIM TURLEY, Committee Chair: The Rotary International Founda-tion Year ends on June 30th. The Lafayette Rotary Club International Foundation Committee is urging each Rotarian to consider a year-end gift to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. Use a contribution of $100.00 to start your Paul Harris Sustaining Membership, or add to/complete a Paul Harris Fellow. We also have some small international projects which need commitments by the end of the Rotary year. Please call DAVE BOUGH, BILL HATFIELD, or JIM TURLEY for more information. Make your checks payable to the "The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International" and provide specific information in the memo section of your check. Send to DAVE LANDGREBE who will record the contribution and send your check on to Rotary International. Please try to do this before June 15th to give DAVE time to assemble the checks and information to forward to Rotary International in time to get Rotary year-end credit for you and our Club.

SMALL GROUP DINNERS (Dinner): Future dates/locations of Small Group Dinners are: Wednesday, July 11th , at ELAINE ELLISON's condo – maximum of ten, and Wednesday, August 8th, at CHRIS and JACKIE FUNK's home. Cost is $8.00 per person and reservations should be made with JANE TURNER or GRIFF.

LAFAYETTE ADULT READING ACADEMY (LARA) has been the recipient of grants from the Lafayette Rotary Foundation in previous years and is in need of a place for relocation. LARA's numbers are growing and they are currently renting space from the County at 629 North 6th Street, Imagination Station, and YWCA; the County now needs space at the 629 North 6th Street location and there is need for LARA to relocate. JoAnn Vorst, Director, feels that LARA needs 12,000 square feet and at least 100 parking spaces, and would appreciate assistance from Rotarians regarding possible rental site to meet these needs; Old Jeff High School on North Ninth Street is not available. If you, or anyone that you know, are aware of space that would meet these needs, please contact JoAnn at 476-2920.

MAKEUPS: BETTY DOVERSBERGER, Crawfordsville; and PAUL POST on board the Sun Princess of Princess Cruises', to AL.

PROGRAM (June 12, 2001)

President DAN introduced OSCAR HOPKINS, who in turn introduced Bill Whitinger, who made a most interesting presentation, with video, regarding the need to call before digging, even if digging on your property. Mr. Whitinger stressed over and over that one toll free call to (1-800-382-5544) prior to digging, will alert every member utility that has underground lines in the proximity of the proposed dig site, and each notified member will dispatch a line locator to the proposed site of excavation to specifically mark the location of their underground lines with color-coded marks, stakes, or flags. He further stressed that the law requires the notification to be two full work days before the start of the actual excavation, to allow member utilities adequate time to mark their lines for you except in case of an emergency.

VISITORS: Matt Huston, son and guest of JON; Madison Koehler, daughter and guest of JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER; Phil Klinger (Retired Methodist minister, former Lafayette Rotarian, former Anderson Rotarian, and will be introduced next week as the Club's newest member), introduced by BILL HATFIELD; Timothee Pourpoint, Paris, FRANCE (Ph.D. candidate in School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering, Purdue, whose father is a Rotarian in a small Rotary Club, Villepinte Expositions, S.-St.-Denis near Paris), guest of the Club and hosted by MARTHA and AL CHISCON and BILL HATFIELD, and introduced by BILL; and Dave Vorbeck (Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.), guest of Tracie Hughes.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - DICK KOHLS and STEVE HICKMAN; Greeting by BOB MEYER and DICK SMITH; Invocation by JIM HOBBS; Singing led by KATHY MEEKS; Rotary Piano by REX KEPLER; and Free Meals Drawing - BILL J. MILLER and TOM SMITH.

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