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Ripples - May 15, 2001

Volume 85, Number 44 - May 15, 2001


Sharon Wood, Executive Director, Area IV Agency on Aging and Community Action Programs, Inc., will speak on "Opening the Door to Senior Housing." Ms. Wood will be introduced by BETTY SUDDARTH, Program Coordinator for the month of May.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - JIM HOBBS, 11:15 to 11:45 a.m., and JOHN SANDERSON, 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; Greeter - MIKE SANDERS; Invocation - KATHY MEEKS; Music - CORKY MITCHELL; and High School Guests (West Lafayette) hosted by GIL SATTERLY.


Prior to the invocation today, President DAN TEDER (President DAN), requested members/spouses to keep the following in their thoughts and prayers: BOB HIATT; JOHN MC KEE; Dirk Reif, son of BARB; CAROL REW, spouse of CARL; FAE SPURLOCK; and BEV STONE.

JIM FUNK back after spending the past few months in BOLIVIA.

RECEIVED SAD NEWS AT ANNUAL DINNER from HANS NAUMANN…HANS and IRMA will be leaving the Greater Lafayette area to move to the Phoenix, AZ area in mid-July to be closer to family.

CORRESPONDENCE from Brian Diekman…Thank you very much for the Lafayette Rotary Club's Frank K. Burrin Scholarship. It is a very generous award and it was a very nice luncheon. I was glad to learn about the Lafayette Rotary Club's Contribution to the Ethiopia Lighthouse Project, a very worthwhile service project…The award will be put to good use at either Duke or Purdue University, where I intend to study engineering. This was a nice reward for my pursuit of excellence. I will continue this pursuit and the Rotary ideals of high ethical standards, serving others, and advancing good will.

CORRESPONDENCE from BETTY KURTZ, spouse of deceased ROYCE…I was honored to be a guest for your Annual Dinner…The evening was very enjoyable. The rose is beautiful…Thank you.

CORRESPONDENCE from Charles "Chuck" Bragg, District Governor, Rotary International District 6560…What a splendid evening Karen and I had attending the 85th Annual Dinner, last night. We thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship, the festivities, and the Purdue Varsity Glee Club. It was a Rotarian night to remember…Thank you for including us as guests of the Lafayette Club. The memorial recognition for Rotarian widows was very touching and effective. All of the planning with the time and efforts of those involved on the committee was certainly evident as the evening progressed…We will look forward to joining you in future years to help support your continued efforts with Rotary programs, projects, and recognitions…With Rotary Pride and Sincere Appreciation…Charles "Chuck" Bragg, District Governor.


MEMBERSHIP PROPOSALS: The following attended a Rotary Information Session today, May 15th, conducted by JANE TURNER, and expressed an interest in becoming members: Gregory Deason, Associate Director, Real Estate, Purdue Research Foundation, sponsor GREG NAPIER; and Gregory Reger, Director, Indiana Business College, sponsor STAN MITHOEFER. Upon Board of Directors approval, and if no written objections are received within seven days, they will be eligible for introduction.

BUDGET COMMITTEE (Committee) MEETING: DALE MC HENRY, Club Treasurer, and Committee Chair, has called a meeting of that Committee for immediately after the regular Club meeting, Tuesday, May 22, 2001, Tailgate Lounge, across from the hotel registration area, University Inn Conference Center and Suites (University Inn). Committee members are FRED ANDERSON; DICK BARTHOLOMEW; DON BIDDLE; JIM FENN; GENE HILLS; CHRISTA KECK; DICK KOHLS; KEITH SMITH; WARREN STEVENSON; LARRY TIPTON; and MARA WASBURN.

PICTURES FOR 2000-2001 PICTORIAL DIRECTORY (Directory): CHRIS FUNK will soon be starting on the Directory. Should you wish to have a new/different picture, please contact CHRIS some day at Rotary. He is there most every Tuesday taking picture(s) of the program presenters. CHRIS, in lieu of his taking your picture, will accept a picture supplied by you. Also, Directory corrections need to be given to GRIFF as soon as possible in order to make the new Directory as up-to-date as possible. Remember, new pictures, if desired, contact CHRIS, and corrected information, contact GRIFF.

SMALL GROUP DINNERS (Dinner), 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, June 6th at FRED and JAN ANDERSON's home. Cost is $8.00 per person, please make reservation by contacting JANE TURNER or GRIFF by Tuesday, June 5th.

GROUP STUDY EXCHANGE (GSE) WITH DISTRICT 9210 IN SOUTHERN AFRICA: Rotary International District 6560 is seeking a Team Leader (Rotarian active in District 6560, good health, group leader experience, and knowledgeable about Rotary issues) and four (4) Team Members (Young Non-Rotarian professionals between 25-40, in good health, U.S. citizen, resident or employed within District 6560, possess written approval from employer to be absent up to five weeks in May/June 2002, willingness to attend 4-8 orientation sessions between January-May 2002, and at least two years work experience in their professional field) to visit and stay in the homes of local Rotarians in Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Zambia. More about Team Leader qualities, Team Member qualities, and tentative timetable in future "Ripples." Also, there will be an attempt to publicize in the local media.

MAKEUPS: MARGARET HALL, Sarasota Bay (three times), and Sarasota Keys, FL.

PROGRAM (May 15, 2001)

President DAN turned the program over to STEVE THOMPSON, President, Lafayette Rotary Foundation (Foundation), and STEVE following some basic information about the Foundation, i.e., started in 1973; awards grants, thus far approximately $700,000.00, to local 501©(3) groups in the Greater Lafayette area; then introduced the Board of Directors, see back of 'Ripples." He then introduced the panel of BOB GRIFFITHS; JACK HATCHER; and JIM KLUSMAN who responded to questions about charitable giving submitted by Club members two weeks ago. Editor did not understand much of what was said, except did learn two things: (1) Our Club is blessed with members who are very knowledgeable in these areas; and (2) There will always be a need for accountants and attorneys.

VISITING ROTARIAN: Sandy Eldridge, Napa Sunrise, CA. Sandy indicated that her parents at one time owned the Lincoln Lodge, now Merou Grotto, on North River Road, and Rotary met there years ago.

VISITORS: Greg Deason and Greg Reger, guests of the Club and introduced by their sponsors (See Membership Proposals above); Brian Wright (Retired banker and rancher from Lubbock, TX), guest of JERRY COLE; Shelley Lowenberg-DeBoer (Executive Director, Tippecanoe Arts Federation), guest of HANS NAUMANN; Sherm Kessler (Former Purdue Trustee and farmer from New Ross), guest of BETTY NELSON; David Bridges (Professor of Biology, Purdue), guest of STEVE STUCKY; Wanda McKinley (Director of Marketing and Development, Family Services) and Rachel Scrogham (Marketing and Development Assistant, Family Services), guests of SUSAN SMITH.

WEST LAFAYETTE HIGH SCHOOL GUESTS: Alissa Rosellini and Larry Cuculic were guests of the Club and hosted/introduced by GIL SATTERLY. President DAN presented certificates of recognition, information brochures about Ambassadorial Scholarships for future reference, and Rotary travel mugs (Four-Way Test on them) to Alissa and Larry.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - JIM HOBBS and JOHN SANDERSON; Invocation by HANS NAUMANN; Singing led by CORKY MITHCELL; Rotary Piano by REX KEPLER; and Free Meals Drawing - JOHN BARRETT and ROY MEEKS.

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