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Ripples - March 27, 2001

Volume 85, Number 37 - March 27, 2001

  UPCOMING PROGRAM (April 3, 2001)

Rotarian JO WADE, President, Greater Lafayette Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), will speak about the CVB's role in developing events that bring visitors to the Greater Lafayette area and the effects of the CVB's efforts on the local economy. JO will be introduced by RAY KAVANAUGH, Program Coordinator for April.

RAY KAVANAUGH is the Program Coordinator for the April 3rd, April 10th, and April 24th programs; these programs will have a common theme. It is "The Hospitality & Tourism Industry: Its Role in local, State, National, and World Economies."

  • Tuesday, April 3, 2001: See Above;
  • Tuesday, April 10, 2001: John Livengood, President, Restaurant and Hospitality Association of Indiana;
  • Tuesday, April 17, 2001: Annual Scholarship & Citizenship Program;
  • Tuesday, April 24, 2001: Dr. Alastair Morrison, Professor, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Purdue.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - GENE HILLS, 11:15 to 11:45 a.m., and GORDON YOUNG, 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; Greeter - SCOTT RUMBLE; Invocation - GORDON KINGMA; Music - JANE TURNER; and High School Guests (Harrison) hosted by TOM SCHMIDT.


Prior to the invocation today, President DAN TEDER (President DAN) requested members/spouses to keep the following in their thoughts and prayers: BOB HIATT; JOHN MC KEE; Dirk Reif, son of BARB; CAROL REW, spouse of CARL; FAE SPURLOCK; and BEV STONE.

DEEPEST SYMPATHY to BILL HEATH whose spouse, ELIZABETH, died Saturday, March 7, 2001, in Green Valley, AZ; private interment at a later date.

CORRESPONDENCE from FAE SPURLOCK…Dear Rotary…I want to thank you for the beautiful azaleas. They were stimulating and great to look at…Unfortunately, I'm still recuperating from the leg ulcers and swallowing difficulties…No problem with the three-way bypass surgery.

CORRECTION: JEAN JACKSON is not the Senior Director this year for the Community Avenue of Service as was noted in the March 20th issue of "Ripples"; BARB DOSTER is Senior Director for the Community Avenue of Service.

PRESIDENT DAN congratulated and thanked DAVE LUHMAN and BOB GRIFFITHS, Co-Chairs, and Rotary/PMO Service Above Self Committee, see back of "Ripples", members for their efforts associated with the "Singing for Greater Lafayette" program. The Saturday night program by the Purdue Musical Organizations (PMO) under the direction of BRIAN BREED was outstanding. DAVE LUHMAN will be presenting a financial report at a future Club meeting.


GROUP STUDY EXCHANGE (GSE) COMMITTEE MEETING called by LINA REEVES-KERNER, Chair, for 11:15 a.m., next Tuesday, April 3rd, Tailgate Lounge, across for the registration desk, University Inn Conference Center and Suites (University Inn). An incoming GSE Team from San Paulo, BRAZIL, District 4590, will be in District 6560 from April 7th - May 7th, and be guest of our Club and Daybreak, from Tuesday, April 17th, attend our Club meeting, through Thursday, April 19th, attend Daybreak's meeting. The GSE Team is composed of three men and two women (four are husbands/wives; one of the five is a Rotarian leader, the other four are non-Rotarians; and they are accomplished musicians (a cellist, a pianist, and three violinists). The Committee is seeking assistance in the following areas: (1) Overnight accommodations for Tuesday and Wednesday, April 17th and 18th; (2) The GSE Team wishes to perform at various schools and attend rehearsals of musical organizations; therefore, assistance is needed to arrange for these experiences; and (3) Assistance with transportation for the group, plus instruments, from Brownsburg to Lafayette on Tuesday a.m., April 17th. Please help with any of these listed needs, and if you can, please contact LINA, Committee members, see back of "Ripples", or GRIFF.

CHRIS JOHANNSEN has provided copies of Prof. Gebisa Ejeta's presentation of Tuesday, March 20th, regarding "An 'Out of Africa' Story"; contact GRIFF if you would like a copy.

DISTRICT 6560 CONFERENCE, Friday - Saturday, April 27-28, 2001, Holiday Inn Select North at the Pyramids - Indianapolis will feature Rotary International President Frank Devlyn's personal representative, W. John Hockin, President of Rotary International in GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND; Motivational speaker, Chad Foster, who is credited with development and marketing the soft rubber playground surface seen at McDonald's restaurants around the world; Herb Pigman, Vice Chairman, Rotary International PolioPlus Committee; other District 6560 speakers; The Carl Store Band, Saturday after dinner; and a "live" and "silent" auction. Registration fee for Rotarians for the entire weekend is $30.00; Registration fee for guests for the entire weekend is $10.00; No registration fee for new members joining after July 1, 2000. PLEASE NOTE: Registration deadline is Saturday, April 7th, no refunds after April 7th. The cost of meals apart from the registration fee: Breakfast on Saturday - $9.00; Lunch on Friday and Saturday - each $15.00; and Dinner on Friday and Saturday - each $30.00. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Room reservations must be made directly with the hotel, request the "Rotary Conference Rate" of $99.00 plus tax, by calling 317.872.9790, 1.800.HOLIDAY, or FAX 317.871.5608. GRIFF will have registration blanks at the Secretary's table for the next two Tuesdays.

REMEMBER the 2001 Rotary International 92nd Annual Convention (Convention), Sunday - Wednesday, June 24-27, 2001, San Antonio, TX. GRIFF has both Convention and housing request forms at the Secretary's table.

ROTARIAN-OF-THE-YEAR (2001) AWARD nomination forms must be turned in by Tuesday, April 3rd, to Selection Committee (Committee) members - Senior Directors of the four Avenues of Service, i.e., JIM FOSTER, Chair (Club); BARB DOSTER (Community); ROB GALBRAITH (International); and JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER (Vocational); President DAN; Immediate Past President GENE COURTANEY or GRIFF. Members of the Committee and Executive Committee, i.e., Club officers and Treasurer, LRF, are not eligible for nomination. The Rotary-of-the-Year Award will be presented by President DAN at the Annual Dinner, Tuesday, May 8, 2001, University Inn Conference Center and Suites (University Inn).

TRANSITION FROM THE 2000-2001 ROTARY YEAR to the 2001-2002 ROTARY YEAR has started. Next Tuesday, April 3rd, the "Rotary Committee Service Selection – 2001-2002" sheets will again be on the luncheon tables for the last time. Please take a few minutes during lunch, take home and bring back to a future meeting, or send to GRIFF, to select two or three Rotary Committees on which you can help with next year's "SERVICE ABOVE SELF" efforts. And, even more important, if there is a Committee which you would be willing to chair, please indicate this on the sheet. The Senior Directors of the four Avenues of Service (Club - BOB GARRISON; Community - BARB DOSTER; International - KEN EWING; and Vocational - STAN MITHOEFER) would appreciate your assistance.

APRIL BIRTHDAY TABLE – First Tuesday of April, Tuesday, April 3, 2001.

 APRIL BIRTHDAYS and DATES - BOB FEUER, Chair, April Birthday Table.




























































APRIL 100% CLUB: Number indicates months of continuous attendance; no number indicates one month. ADAMS (105); BARRETT (42); BATAGIANNIS; BAUGH; BOUGH (2); BROCK (80); CARPENTER (8); CHISCON, AL (134); CHISCON, MARTHA (127); COHEN, FRITZ (62); COLE, JERRY; COURTANEY (43); DELL; DELLINGER; DIESSLIN (68); DOSTER (3); ELLISON; EWING (68); FEUER (218); FILMER (61);

FOSTER (66); FREY, HARLEY (162); FULLER (203); FUNK, CHRIS (37); GALBRAITH (5); GARRISON (41); GRIFFITH (265); GRIFFITHS (65); GRIPE; HALL, MARGARET (120); HAMMEL (23); HANKS (33); HANSEN (32); HATFIELD (242); HEMMER (3); HILLS (4); HOBBS (84); HOLTZ (18); HOPKINS (67); HUIE; HUNT (3); HYCHKA (44); JACKSON (62); JANLE (43); JOHANNSEN; KECK (61); KEPLER (129); KINGMA (3); KLUSMAN (71); GRIFFIN KOEHLER (115); KOSMAN (34); KUIPERS; LANDGREBE (128); LANE (471); LOVELLL (15); LUHMAN (81) LUZADER; MAYES (4); MC CARTHY (33); MC HENRY (66); MC KEE (260); MEEKS, KATHY (3); MILLER, ROB; MILLER, BILL R. (345); MITCHELL (135); MITHOEFER (2); MOTT (64); NAPIER; NELSON (76); PAPE (246); PARK (17); PARKHURST (14); PEARSON (6); PEETERS (3); PENNELL; PIECHOTA (3); POST (4); PRITSCHER (16); RAHDERT (104); RUNNELS (144); SCHMIDT (268); SCHWARZ; SILVA (248); SMITH, JIM; SMITH, KEITH (47); SMITH, SUSAN (104); ST. JOHN (137); SUDDARTH (43); TEDER, DAN (107); TEDER, LAWRENCE; TURLEY (164); TURNER, JANE (125); TYLER; VERPLANK (430); WADE (86); WALKER (190); WATLINGTON; WEST (92); and WILEY (246). CONGRATULATIONS to JIM HOBBS who had seven years; to MARGARET HALL who had ten years; and to LEW RUNNELS who had 12 years of 100% attendance at the end of February 2001. Contact GRIFF for lapel pins.


Monday, March 12, 2001: (1) Minutes of the February 12th meeting were approved as distributed; (2) DALE MC HENRY, Club Treasurer, was absent but the Cash Receipts and Disbursements Summary Report for February was reviewed; (3) No membership proposals; (4) President DAN reported that: He had contacted the following Rotarians, and each accepted, to be members of the Personnel Committee (Committee of the Board): TIM LUZADER; VICKI MAYES; LINA REEVES-KERNER; JOHN SANDERSON; and JOHN TROTT; Personnel Committee met with the Task Force at the Task Force's regular meeting, 4:30 p.m., Thursday, March 8th; Significant time was spent reviewing/discussing responsibilities of the Personnel Committee; JOHN SANDERSON agreed to Chair the Personnel Committee; first meeting will be at 4:00 - 5:00 p.m., March 29th, Cinergy PSI Community Room; and Appointment of the Personnel Committee was approved by the Board; (5) President DAN reported that the Task Force spent some time discussing the merits of proposing the formation of a Finance Committee (Committee of the Board) to the Board; (6) ROB GALBRAITH, Senior Director, International Avenue of Service, reported on the GSE Team visit, see "GROUP STUDY EXCHANGE (GSE) COMMITTEE MEETING" under ANNOUNCEMENTS; (7) JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER noted that the Vocational Projects Committee was investigating, with Daybreak, the possibility of billboard, as well as in businesses, displays of the Four-Way Test; (8) Board approved a "Booking Confirmation Agreement" between the Club and University Inn for the 2002 and 2003 calendar year, luncheon price increased from $7.50 to $7.75 starting with the Tuesday, January 7, 2003, Club luncheon; (9) The "New Member Reception" event that has been held for the past three years, was discussed and it was consensus to continue with this activity, hopefully within the next two months, and requested the Membership Retention Committee to pursue this and also hopefully come back to the Board with proposed annual time for this activity; (10) Presentation of commemorative brass Rotary wheels (wheels) to senior members of the PMO in recognition of their efforts at the "Singing for Greater Lafayette" activity was reviewed (last year senior members of the PMO were invited to a regular Club meeting prior to Purdue's commencement to receive these wheels, but many were away from campus which resulted in a significant postage cost to the Club to mail them), Board consensus seemed to be to present wheels to Varsity Glee Club members at the Annual Dinner, Tuesday, May 8th , and take the balance of the wheels to the PMO office and send a letter to the other senior members of PMO thanking them for their efforts at the "Singing for Greater Lafayette" and telling them that they could pick up their commemorative wheels at the PMO office; (11) DAVE BOUGH, Vice President and Chair, Annual Dinner Committee, noted that the "Rotarian-of-the Year Award" and the "Service Above Self Award" to the PMO staff nominated senior member of the Varsity Glee Club will be presented; and (12) STAN MITHOEFER noted that the Vocational Projects Committee (Committee) would be starting its "Business Site Visit" (Visit) program on Tuesday, April 24, 2001. Visits would be scheduled for immediately after a regular Club meeting, Rotarians would sign up to visit a designated business, only a limited number could be accepted, there would be need for a sign-up sheet, etc., and the first Visit will be at D. H., Inc. in the Purdue Research Park with a limited number of 15 Rotarians able to attend.

PROGRAM (March 27,2001)

President DAN introduced JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER, Senior Director, Vocational Avenue of Service, substituting for TOM SCHMIDT, Chair, Vocational Projects Committee, who is on vacation. JAN, in turn, introduced and presented a $400.00 check to each of the four vocational scholarship recipients: (1) Rusty Hartzburg of Crawfordsville, Ivy Tech, enrolled in the Licensed Practical Nursing program, plans to complete requirements to become a Registered Nurse; (2) Heather Hindsley of Lafayette, a Business Administration major at Indiana Business College; (3) Tasha Shorts of West Lafayette, enrolled in Nursing program at Ivy Tech, the mother of three children, and spouse, Chris, working toward a doctorate degree in Pharmacy at Purdue; and (4) Zachary Wagganer of Lafayette, enrolled in his last semester of Business Administration at Ivy Tech and hopes to complete a four-year degree at an university.

VISITING ROTARIAN: Cem Guceri, Ankara-Emek, TURKEY; Cem is Managing Director, Communication Performer Group. He and President DAN exchanged banners.

MAKEUPS: NELLIE LECHMAN, Manasota, FL; RALPH MORRIS, Sarasota Bay, FL; RAY PEETERS and TERRY WEST, Daybreak; VIRGIL ST. JOHN, Phoenix (two times), and Scottsdale (three times), AZ; and WARREN STEVENSON, Punta Gorda, FL (two times).

VISITORS: Madison Koehler, daughter of JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER; and Beth Hartzburg, mother, and Laura Zinc, fellow Ivy Tech State College (Ivy Tech) graduate and friend, of Rusty Hartzburg, winner of one of the $400.00 vocational scholarships. JAN and Madison came to the Club meeting from working at the "Shots Not Spots" effort at the Tippecanoe County Inoculation Program for kindergartners and 1st graders at the Tippecanoe Fairgrounds. FRITZ COHEN is in charge of this "Service Above Self" activity.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - BOB GARRISON and DAVE WILLIAMS; Greeting by FRANCIS PRITSCHER; Invocation by MAURI WILLIAMSON; Singing led by BOB VERPLANK; Rotary piano by HARLEY FREY; and Free Meals Drawing - BOB FIELDS and TOM GREGORY.

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