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  Ripples - December 28, 1999

Volume 84, Number 25 – December 28, 1999

Rotarian CHRIS JOHANNSEN, Professor of Agronomy, will be the first Lafayette Rotary Club Chris Johannsen speaker of the 21st Century, and will speak on “Agriculture in the Space Age.” He came to Purdue in 1985 and has B.S. (1959) and M.S. (1961) from Nebraska, and Ph.D. (1969) from Purdue. CHRIS will be introduced by BETTY NELSON, Program Coordinator for the month of January; programs in January will focus on the future.


  • Tuesday, January 4th: See Above;

  • Tuesday, January 11th: Dr. Herbert London, President, Hudson Institute, Indianapolis, “Reading the Tea Leaves: A Look at the Future”;

  • Tuesday, January 18th: Brad Turner, Chief Operating Officer, Key Asset Management, Cleveland, OH, “Understanding of Future Economic Trends”; and

  • Tuesday, January 25th: Scott I. Truex, AICP, Associate Professor of Urban Planning, College of Architecture and Planning, Ball State University, “What Our Older Downtown Neighborhoods Might Look Like in the Future.”

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - LYNNE ZACHMANOGLOU, 11:15 to 11:45, and CHRISTY SMITH, 11:45 to 12:15; Invocation - GORDON KINGMA; Music - STEVE MOTT; and No High School Guests, still Christmas Vacation.

CLUB CONCERNS: Prior to the invocation today, President GENE COURTANEY (President GENE) requested members to keep the following in their thoughts and prayers: KEN and LINDA EWING, KEN had hip replacement on Tuesday, December 14th, went home on the 17th, had staples removed today, and plans to be at Rotary next Tuesday, and LINDA continues to deal with cancer; YB HALL, talked with spouse, JANE, today who indicated that YB was dismissed from Home Hospital a week ago, is in the Health Center, Westminster Village, working hard on physical therapy—doing okay; BOB HIATT; and BEV STONE, who has been dismissed from St. Elizabeth Medical Center and back in her room at George Davis Manor—would really appreciate cards and notes.

CONGRATULATIONS to MILLARD and EVELYN PLUMLEE (“JC” picture) who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on December 24, 1999.

NOTE from MARTHA CHISCON thanking the Club for the beautiful Poinsettia that was sent to her following her surgery.

RALPH MORRIS presented a Rotary banner that he received from a friend in Stratford, Ontario, CANADA.


  • VOCATIONAL SERVICE AWARD NOMINATION FORMS, announced by ELAINE CUE, Chair, Vocational Projects Committee (Committee), are now available at GRIFF’s table or from Committee members, see back of “Ripples.” The Committee is hoping for more nominations this year than received in previous years - non-Rotarians and Rotarians are eligible. Please pick up a nomination form, review, and hopefully think of someone you can nominate. Deadline for submission is Monday, January 24th.

  • SALVATION ARMY BELL RINGER CAMPAIGN: JERRY MC CARTHY, Chair, announced today that Rotarian Bell Ringing Kettles collected an all-time high of $6,301.00 on Saturday, December 18th; this plus member contributions could make this an outstanding year for Rotary contributions to the Salvation Army—Jerry will keep us informed. SALVATION ARMY ENVELOPES accepted until Tuesday, January 4th, or even later; special envelopes, if needed, lost, or misplaced, can be acquired at GRIFF’s table, and may be mailed or handed to JERRY, DAVE LANDGREBE, or GRIFF. DAVID LANDGREBE, Foundation Treasurer, reported on Wednesday, December 8th, that contributions thus far totaled $9,335.00.

  • ROTARIAN-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD NOMINATION FORMS may be picked up at GRIFF’s table. Completed forms may be turned in to BOB BROCK, Chair, or other Committee members, President GENE; BOB GRIFFITHS; SUSAN HYCHKA; KAE MOORE; TOM SCHMIDT; or GRIFF. The Rotarian-of-the-Year Selection Committee will receive nominations until February 1, 2000 and Rotarian selected will be introduced at the Annual Dinner, Tuesday, March 21, 2000.

NOVEMBER 100% CLUB: (Continued from last week) Salvation Army Bell Ringing has not been recorded. Number indicates months of continuous attendance, no number indicates one month. HAMMEL (8); LANDGREBE (113); LANE (456); LUHMAN (66); MAYES (11); MC CARTHY (18); MC HENRY (51); MC KEE (245); MILLER, BILL R. (330); MITCHELL (120); MORRIS (7); MOTT (49); NELSON (61); PAPE (231); PARK (2); PARKHURST (9); PEARSON (9); PRITSCHER; RAHDERT (89); RUNNELS (129); RUTLEDGE; SCHMIDT (253); SHANAHAN (2); SICER (294); SILVA (233); SMITH, KEITH (32); SMITH, SUSAN (89); ST. JOHN (122); SUDDARTH (28); TAYLOR, HAROLD (419); TEDER, DAN (92); TURLEY (149); TURNER, JANE (110); VALENTINE, WALT (2); VERPLANK (415); WADE (71); WALKER (175); WEST (77); WHITE; and WILEY (231). Congratulations to MIKE FRAMPTON who had one year; to CORKY MITCHELL who had 10 years; and to LARRY LANE who had 38 years of 100% attendance at the end of November. Contact GRIFF for lapel pin.

JANUARY BIRTHDAY TABLE - First Tuesday in the month - January 4th.

JANUARY BIRTHDAYS and DATES - JOHN SORENSEN, January Birthday Table Chair.

Bill Baumgardt


Hanly Hammel


Don Biddle


Bill Hatfield


Marvin Blade


Oscar Hopkins


Bob Bouggy


Parkie Parkhurst


Barb Doster


Mark Russell


Ed Eiler


Todd Smith


Bob Ford


John Sorensen


Sol Gartenhaus


Doug Taylor


MAKE UPS: BOB ADAMS aboard the SS Sea Breeze; and BETTY NELSON, Attica-Williamsport, Flora, and Daybreak (two times).

VISITING ROTARIANS: LEONA COHEN, spouse of FRITZ (Daybreak); Jonelle Glosh, Baku Premier Rotary Club, AZERBIJAN (President GENE exchanged Club banners with Jonelle); and Howard Petersen, LaGrange.

VISITORS: Too many to list in available space, hopefully they can be noted in future “Ripples”; a great turn-out for the “Rotary Family Program” sponsored by the Youth Committee, JEFF DARLING, Chair - Committee members listed on back of “Ripples.”

VICKI MAYES introduced spouse, WAYNE, who made a fine presentation, as a representative of the Imagination Station, of several scientific experiments.

COLLECTOR: JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER both sessions; Invocation by STEVE MOTT; and Rotary piano by REX KEPLER.


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