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  Ripples - December 14, 1999

Volume 84, Number 24 – December 14, 1999



TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1999 - A SPECIAL FAMILY ORIENTED CLUB MEETING SPONSORED BY THE YOUTH COMMITTEE, JEFF DARLING, CHAIR. There will be special entertainment for members, guests, children, grandchildren, et al. The program, an Imagination Station Project, will be presented by WAYNE MAYES, spouse of VICKI. There will be a special children’s, 12 and under, menu - $5.00, as well as the regular buffet for adults - $7.00.


If you did not complete the special green sheet on the tables at the Tuesday, December 14th meeting indicating number of adults and children you will be bringing, please call GRIFF at 494-7218 - office, 474-5596 - residence, or e-mail < hgriff1@gte.net > by noon Monday, December 27th with a number (INCLUDE YOURSELF and INDICATE THE NUMBER OF ADULTS AND CHILDREN). If no telephone answer, leave the number on the voice mail.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - NEAL ECKARD, 11:15 to 11:45, and JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER, 11:45 to 12:15; Invocation - STEVE MOTT; Music - STEVE MOTT; and No Vocational or High School guests.


Saturday, December 18, 1999

NOTE: If no one is at station, pickup or leave aprons and bells at the Customer Service Desk.

CLUB CONCERNS: Prior to the invocation today, President GENE COURTANEY (President GENE), requested members to keep the following in their thoughts and prayers: KEN and LINDA EWING, KEN is having hip replacement done today and LINDA continues to deal with cancer; YB HALL who is still at Home Hospital undergoing physical therapy following his stroke; BOB HIATT; PEGGY OWENS, spouse of BRUCE, who will be going home this week following surgery; and BEV STONE, who is in St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Room 2138A, BEV is not receiving visitors, but would really appreciate cards and notes.

GORDON KINGMA (“JC” picture) recognized as one of Gordon Kingmathe “Great People of Greater Lafayette” by the “JC.”

CONGRATULATIONS to GREG NAPIER and spouse, STEPHANIE, on the arrival of their first child, Selah Marie Napier, born on Friday, December 10, 1999, at Home Hospital; Selah Marie weighed was 8 lb., 2 oz. and 21” long.

CONGRATULATIONS to LAURIE BROSE and spouse, BILL, on the arrival of their second daughter, Emily Ann Brose, born on Thursday, September 16, 1999, at Home Hospital.


THANK YOU ROTARIANS: $417.00 in the baskets today to provide some extra Christmas for those who serve the lunch each Tuesday.

COMMENT from President GENE: If you have a friend, a neighbor, or an associate that you would like to bring to Rotary as a possible future Rotarian, consider inviting them to Rotary on January 11th and/or January 18th. BETTY NELSON, Program Coordinator for January, has arranged for particularly outstanding programs on these dates; watch future “Ripples” for details. Also, in order to provide sufficient time for speakers, meetings may start a few minutes early, meetings starting earlier than normal will also be noted in “Ripples.”

VOCATIONAL SERVICE AWARD NOMINATION FORMS, announced by ELAINE CUE, Chair, Vocational Projects Committee (Committee), are now available at GRIFF’s table or from Committee members, see back of “Ripples.” The Committee is hoping for more nominations this year than received in previous years - non-Rotarians and Rotarians are eligible. Please pick up a nomination form, review, and hopefully think of someone you can nominate. Deadline for submission is Monday, January 24th.

SALVATION ARMY BELL RINGER CAMPAIGN ENVELOPES accepted until Tuesday, January 4th, or even later; special envelopes, if needed, lost, or misplaced, can be acquired at GRIFF’s table, and may be mailed or handed to JERRY, DAVE LANDGREBE, or GRIFF. DAVID LANDGREBE, Foundation Treasurer, reported on Wednesday, December 8th, that contributions thus far totaled $7,670.00.

- ROTARIAN-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD NOMINATION FORMS may be picked up at GRIFF’s table. Completed forms may be turned in to BOB BROCK, Chair, or other Committee members, President GENE; BOB GRIFFITHS; SUSAN HYCHKA; KAE MOORE, TOM SCHMIDT; or GRIFF. The Rotarian-of-the-Year Selection Committee will receive nominations until February 1, 2000 and Rotarian selected will be introduced at the Annual Dinner, Tuesday, March 21, 2000.

- WHERE IN THE WORLD IS BAKU, AZERBIJAN? BILL FULLER received an e-mail from Rotarian Jonelle Glosh indicating that she will be visiting her daughter, a student at Purdue, and plans to attend the Club meeting on Tuesday, December 28th, perhaps the daughter will attend also.

NOVEMBER 100% CLUB: Number indicates months of continuous attendance, no number indicates one month. ADAMS (90); BARRETT (27); BRANIGIN; BROCK (65); CARPENTER (2); AL CHISCON (119); MARTHA CHISCON (112); FRITZ COHEN (47); COURTANEY (28); DIESSLIN (53); EWING (53); FENN (3); FEUER (203); FILMER (46); FULLER (46); FOSTER (51); FRAMPTON (12); HARLEY FREY (147); FULLER (188); CHRIS FUNK (22); GARRISON (26); GRIFFITH (250); GRIFFITHS (50); GRIPE; MARGARET HALL (105); YB HALL (488); HANKS (18); HANSEN (17); HATFIELD (227); HILLS (2); HINZE; HOBBS (69); HOLTZ (2); HOPKINS (52); HYCHKA (29); IRVIN; JACKSON (47); JANLE (28); KAVANAUGH (5); KECK (46); KEPLER (114); KINGMA (2); KLUSMAN (56); GRIFFIN KOEHLER (100); KOHLS (2); KOSMAN (19) - balance next week.

MAKE UPS: JOE SICER, Lake Placid (two times).

VISITING ROTARIAN: Rachel Johnson and John Polles, Daybreak.

VISITORS: ELIZABETH BARRETT, spouse of JOHN; MARY HANNA, spouse of BOB; PHYLLIS HEMMER, spouse of ED; CAROLYN PRITSCHER, spouse of FRANCIS; Carolyn Hass (Greater Lafayette), sister and guest of MARGARET HALL; Ginny and Don Nead and Dean Knudsen (Greater Lafayette), guests of JOHN BARRETT (Don is President, Bach Chorale (Chorale), and Dean is Past President of Chorale); Joe Krause (Greater Lafayette), guest of BILL HATFIELD (Joe is retired West Lafayette High School teacher and City Council member); Ed Haelterman (Greater Lafayette), guest of JOHN OSMUN (Ed isa retired staff member from Veterinary Medicine.

CENTRAL CATHOLIC SCHOOL GUESTS: Colleen Jones and Mike Noel, guests of the Club and hosted/introduced by MIKE BERENDT. MIKE presented certificates of recognition and President GENE presented a “Rotary Travel Mug” (4-Way Test on it) and Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar brochure to Colleen and Mike and led the Club in reciting the 4-Way Test.

SPECIAL GUEST: Yuko Fukuchi, Ambassadorial Scholar in Foreign Languages, from Nagoya, JAPAN, guest of the Club and hosted/introduced by TOM SCHMIDT.

President GENE introduced Don Nead, President, Chorale, who in turn introduced Bill Gray, Director, and the Chorale accompanied by Marc Loudon at the piano. Bach Chorale SingersThe Chorale provided a most enjoyable program of Christmas songs; those present, at the request of Director Gray, joined the Chorale in singing some songs. This is the 35th season of the Bach Chorale Singers, Inc., showcasing three singing groups--Chorale, Youth Chorus, and Children’s Choir. Seven concerts are presented to the Greater Lafayette Community this season. The Christmas Fanfares! a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols will be presented Sunday, December 19th, at 4:00 and 7:30 p.m. at First Methodist Church. This is the Chorale’s free gift to their friends. The adult Chorale has grown to about 100 voices from the meager beginning of about 15 who sang for their personal pleasure. William Jon Gray, Artistic Director of the Singers, is soon to complete his Ph. D. in Chorale Conducting at Indiana University. His respected reputation as conductor, scholar, teacher, organist, accompanist, and singer is the result of a life-long dedication to music and people. One of his mentors was Robert Shaw.

LETTER FROM Thomas Deinet, Ambassadorial Scholar from GERMANY, to KAE MOORE: Dear Rotarians...I am now back in Germany since mid-July and I am now looking back on this most interesting and exciting year as Ambassadorial Scholar and as a student of Purdue...I would like to thank you all for your hospitality and for enabling the Ambassadorial Scholarship Program...I am glad to tell you that the Wiesbaden Rotary Club, my sponsoring home Club, is already anxious to hear about my experiences in the U.S. next week. In my presentation, I will especially talk about how the abiance in the Lafayette Club is like and how much I enjoyed it...This summer, I had a two month internship with Ernst & Young Consulting (U.S. consulting firm) in Munich, now I am back in the University in order to complete my Industrial Engineering degree...Let’s keep in touch, and I am looking forwarding to see you again, whenever I am back in Lafayette...Yours...Thomas Deinet, Hermann - Hesse-Str. F, 65207 Wiesbaden, Germany, <tdienet@purdue.edu/

COLLECTOR: JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER both sessions; Greeting by GORDON KINGMA; Invocation by DEAN STUCKEY; and Rotary piano by REX KEPLER; and Free Meals Drawing - MORGAN BURKE and BOB HANNEMANN.

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