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  Ripples - November 30, 1999

Volume 84, Number 22 – November 30, 1999

Jeffrey A. Modisett, Attorney General, State of IN, will be the speaker. Jeffrey Modisett The national tobacco settlement reached between IN, 45 other states, and the tobacco industry is a historic settlement that mandates the most significant legal reforms in the tobacco industry and the largest financial recovery in the nation’s history. Under the settlement proposal, tobacco companies agree to significant curbs on their advertising and marketing campaigns, fund a $1.5 billion national anti-smoking campaign, open previously secret industry documents, and disband industry trade groups which Attorneys General maintain conspired to conceal damaging research from the public. It will also bring $4 billion to IN. The single largest issue facing the 2000 IN General Assembly will be how to allocate the initial tobacco payments to IN. Attorney General Modisett is currently working with the Governor on an appropriations plan that will be presented for consideration by the legislature. On December 7th, he will present an outline of his plan and seek input from Rotarians in advance of anticipated town hall meetings on the subject after Thanksgiving. Attorney General Modisett will be introduced by JERRY COLE, Program Coordinator.


Tuesday, December 7th - See Above;

Tuesday, December 14th - Bach Chorale/Bill Gray, Artist Director -- this Christmas music presentation and interaction will be arranged and introduced by JOHN BARRETT;

Tuesday, December 21st - NO ROTARY MEETING; and

Tuesday, December 28th - Family Day -- arranged and administered by the Youth Committee, JEFF DARLING, Chair.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - NEAL ECKARD, 11:15 to 11:45, and JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER, 11:45 to 12:15; Greeter - WARREN STEVENSON; Invocation - DAN HEMAN; Music - JOHN BARRETT; and High School guests (West Lafayette) hosted by CRAIG IRVINE.

CLUB CONCERNS: Prior to the invocation today, President GENE COURTANEY (President GENE), requested members to keep the following in their thoughts and prayers: MARTHA CHISCON (MARTHA had laparoscopical gall bladder surgery yesterday, Monday, November 29th, went into operating room at 10:00 a.m., out at 11:00 a.m., went home around 2:30 p.m., and will be at home much of this week); LINDA EWING, spouse of KEN; YB HALL (YB suffered a stroke last Tuesday evening, November 23rd, and was taken to Home Hospital (BILL HATFIELD just called, 2:30 p.m., had visited with YB, indicated that he was doing okay and in good spirits, would be going to physical therapy soon, and would welcome short visitations)); BOB HIATT; and ELEANOR WILEY, spouse of JAY.

MICHAEL HUNT and LIZ SOLBERG (“JC” pictures) each featured in article by Mike Hunt “JC” in its series, Liz Solberg “10 for the ‘90s - Local Issues and Personalities that shaped the Final Decade of the 20th Century”. MICHAEL for his work associated with neighborhood preservation, and LIZ for her efforts with the railroad relocation project; congratulations to MICHAEL and LIZ.

CONGRATULATIONS MARV and BARBARA PHILLIPS on the arrival of a new granddaughter, Katherine Sue Bart, born on Thursday, August 5th, to Stephen and Susan (Phillips) Bart, in Boston, MA. Thanks to MARV and BARBARA for their significant contribution to the Lafayette Foundation in honor of Katherine Sue Bart.

Bill Powers has resigned from Rotary as he will be relocating in the near future.

GLEE CLUB COMMITTEE, BOB VERPLANK, Chair, and BOB GRIFFITHS, Vice Chair, started their sale of Purdue Musical Organizations (PMO) CDs ($18.00) and cassettes ($13.00); these on sale during the next few Tuesdays and are ideal for Christmas gifts.


ROTARIAN-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD: BOB BROCK, Chair, announced that the Rotarian-of-the-Year Selection Committee (BOB, KAE MOORE, SUSAN HYCHKA; TOM SCHMIDT, Senior Directors and/or representatives from the four Avenues of Service, President GENE, BOB GRIFFITHS, Immediate Past President, and GRIFF) would be receiving nominations until February 1, 2000 and Rotarian selected will be introduced at the Annual Dinner, Tuesday, March 21, 2000. Criteria considered: (1) Member in good standing, i.e., good attendance and dues current; (2) Participation in Avenues of Services (60%); (3) Community Involvement, could be Greater Lafayette, University, or other similar community (20%); (4) Participation in District Rotary activities (10%); and (5) Financial contributions to projects (10%).

ROTARY CLUB of INDIANAPOLIS EAST has changed its meeting time and location, effective January 4, 2000, will meet at 7:00 a.m., Marriott East at 7202 East 21st Street, Indianapolis (just east of Shadeland a block south of Highway 70).

WELCOME NEW MEMBER: FRANCIS PRITSCHER (FRANCIS) with classification Francis Pritscher FINANCE--Mortgage Broker was introduced by his sponsor, BILL PAPE; he is a former Attica-Williamsport Rotarian. FRANCIS and his spouse, CAROLYN, reside at 52 Eaglecrest Court, West Lafayette 47906-8837 - telephone 463-6203. FRANCIS is owner of Community Rapid Mortgage Co., Inc., 409 South 18th Street, Lafayette 47905 - 742-0081. FRANCIS’ Rotary committees are: Birthday Table (BRIAN TURNER, Chair); Hospitality (HARLEY FREY, Chair); and House (FRED ANDERSON, Chair).

SALVATION ARMY BELL RINGING - Today, JERRY MC CARTHY, Chair, provided some history regarding the Salvation Army “Bell Ringer Campaign”, and noted that 71 of the 96 spots have been filled, but stressed the need to fill the other 25 spots. JERRY will have the sign-up chart at Rotary until “Bell Ringing” on Saturday, December 18, 1999; there are 12 locations (West Lafayette - K-MART; MARSH; OSCO; and WAL-MART, and Lafayette - JC PENNEY; K-MART; KOHLS; LS AYRES; MARSH SUPERSTORE; SAM’S CLUB; TARGET; and WAL-MART) with four time slots (10 a.m. - 12 p.m.; 12 - 2 p.m.; 2 - 4 p.m.; and 4 - 6 p.m.). BELL RINGER CAMPAIGN ENVELOPES, if needed, if lost, or if misplaced, can be acquired at GRIFF’s table each Tuesday. And, may be mailed or handed to JERRY, DAVE LANDGREBE, or GRIFF.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS: If you did not receive your Membership Card in the mail, contact GRIFF.

COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECTS COMMITTEE (LEW RUNNELS, Chair) PROJECT: Volunteer help still needed for the YWCA Women Domestic Violence Center’s annual holiday project, Christmas wrap, load, and deliver items. The following is the volunteer need schedule: (1) Thursday, December 9th - 9 - 11 a.m. - six to eight volunteers to wrap packages; (2) CHANGED TO - FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17th - 9 - 11 a.m. - six to eight volunteers to load packages into boxes; (3) Saturday, December 18th - (TIME CHANGED TO - 2 - 4 p.m.); and Sunday, December 19th - (TIME CHANGED TO - 2 - 4 p.m.) - three volunteers with pickups/SUVs and drivers for each, to deliver boxes. There will be a sign-up sheet(s) at Rotary next Tuesday, December 7th or contact LEW RUNNELS or BETTY SUDDARTH.

DECEMBER BIRTHDAY TABLE - First Tuesday in the month - December 7th.

DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS and DATES - CARL REW, December Birthday Table Chair, assisted by MICHAEL HUNT.













































MAKE UPS: LE ROY SILVA, Chicago (New Chicago), IL; Louisville, KY; and Elkhart.

VISITING ROTARIAN: Dan Smith, Logansport.

VISITOR: James Auter (Greater Lafayette), guest of BILL HATFIELD (Jim is a former Martinsville Rotarian, and now a staff person in Educational Studies at Purdue).

VOCATIONAL SCHOOL GUEST (Last Tuesday of each month is set aside for guests from Indiana Business College and/or Ivy Tech State College): David Raymer, Computer Information System Major, Ivy Tech State College, was hosted/introduced by JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER, member of the Vocational Projects Committee. JAN presented a certificate of recognition and President GENE presented a “Rotary Travel Mug” (4-Way Test on it) to David. As a part of the presentation, President GENE led the Club in reciting the 4-Way Test.

TWENTY-SIXTH ANNUAL MEETING of the Lafayette Rotary Foundation (Foundation), continued from the Tuesday, November 16th issue of “Ripples.” Foundation President STEVE THOMPSON briefly reviewed the 1998-1999 Twenty-Sixth Annual Report brochure, copies were on each table, and noted that the Foundation, over the past 26 years, has distributed over $524,456.00 for charitable purposes in the Greater Lafayette area, and corpus has grown to over $250,000.00. Vice President TOM PEARSON noted four major Foundation thrusts: (1) Creation of pass through gifts; (2) Acceptance of challenge/matching grants; (3) Creation of two brochures on giving (Lafayette and International Foundations), i.e., memorial gifts and deferred or planning giving; and (4) Changing goal of the corpus to $500,000.00. Finally, President STEVE chaired a panel of DOUG BRANIGIN; GORDY CHAVERS; and DAN TEDER who responded to questions (five submitted by Club members at the November 9th Club meeting and five of the most asked questions of DOUG, GORDY, and DAN as they counseled clients regarding deferred or planned giving). A most interesting program that was hampered by time constraints, it was suggested that, should there be sufficient interest, a special evening session regarding this subject might be arranged.

GORDY YOUNG introduced Yuko Fukuchi, Ambassadorial Scholar from Nagoya, JAPAN, who made a most interesting and informative presentation about a variety of subjects, i.e., considerable information (location, cultural, industrial, etc.)about her home town of Nagoya, information about JAPAN, and most interesting of all about her home, family, background, and future plans.

COLLECTORS: HOWARD DIESSLIN and WALT VALENTINE, substituting for ANNETTE; Greeting by GENE HILLS; Invocation by CRAIG IRVINE; Singing led by BOB GRIFFITHS; and Rotary piano by REX KEPLER; and Free Meals Drawing - ROB GALBRAITH and HANLY HAMMEL.

COLLECTORS: NEAL ECKARD and JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER; Greeting by WARREN STEVENSON; Special “Pearl Harbor Day” Invocation by DAN HEMAN; Singing led by JOHN BARRETT; and Rotary piano by REX KEPLER; and Free Meals Drawing - JOE DREWRY and BOB ADAM

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