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  Ripples - November 9, 1999

Volume 84, Number 19 – November 9, 1999

THE TWENTY-SIXTH ANNUAL MEETING of the Lafayette Rotary Foundation, Inc. Steve Thompson (Foundation), chaired by STEVE THOMPSON, President, with assistance from TOM PEARSON, Tom Peasron Vice President. The program will consist of the following: (1) Review of Foundation activities/contributions for the past year - 1998-1999; (2) Presentation of framed certificates and special Rotary name badges to seven Rotarians who have reached the Golden Service Contribution Level (contributed more than $1,000.00 but less than $2,500.00); and (3) Panel of individuals discussing estate planning based on questions supplied by Rotarians at today’s meeting. The 1998-1999 Twenty-sixth Annual Report brochure will be on the tables.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - HOWARD DIESSLIN, 11:00 to 11:40 a.m., and WALT VALENTINE, 11:40 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; Greeter - GENE HILLS; Invocation - DAVID LUHMAN; Music - BOB GRIFFITHS; and High School guests (Jefferson) hosted by MARGARET HALL.

CLUB CONCERNS and FAMILY NEWS: Prior to the invocation today, President GENE COURTANEY (President GENE) noted that a note from DICK WALKER indicated that spouse, MARJORIE, (not DICK as GRIFF reported to President GENE) had cataract surgery on Tuesday, November 2nd, DICK’s note indicated that MARJORIE was doing well. And, requested members to keep MARJORIE and LINDA EWING, spouse of KEN, in their thoughts and prayers.

CONGRATULATIONS Jim Dworkin to JIM DWORKIN (“Exponent” picture) who has been appointed to the position of Chancellor, Purdue’s North Central Campus. JIM takes over as Chancellor on Monday, January 10, 2000.

John Hawkins and Dennis Smith have resigned from Rotary.


SALVATION ARMY BELL RINGING CAMPAIGN SIGN UP, according to JERRY MC CARTHY, Chair, to kickoff Tuesday, November 16th. The 12 Bell Ringing sites remain the same as last year; will need 96 Bell Ringers to fill all of the slots. PLEASE PLAN TO SIGN UP!

KAE MOORE has shared with the Club a card received from Thomas Deinet, last year Ambassadorial Scholar from GERMANY. Will share in the two-page “Ripples” on Tuesday, November 30th, or perhaps sooner if space permits.

UPCOMING PROGRAMS: As you know, spouses and friends of Rotarians are always welcome to attend Club meetings. Four upcoming programs may be of special interest to spouses and/or friends: (1) Tuesday, November 23rd - Thanksgiving Week Special Joint Meeting with Kiwanis - Kiwanis in charge of the program; (2) Tuesday, December 7th - Jeffery Modisett, IN Attorney General; (3) Tuesday, December 14th - Bach Chorale with Bill Gray, Artist Director; and (4) Tuesday, December 28th - Annual Family Day after Christmas get-together. If you plan to invite spouse, friend(s), or new member(s) to these meetings, please let GRIFF know ahead of time to be sure that there will be sufficient space and food.

BALANCE OF OCTOBER 100% CLUB: In future issue of “Ripples.”


VISITING ROTARIAN: Jennifer Rutledge, LaPlace, LA.

VISITORS: Francis and Norma Creswell and Sangyong and Sunhi Lee, parents of Harrison High School guests, Becky Creswell and Hans Lee; Susie Coles (Greater Lafayette), guest of HANS NAUMANN (Susie is a West Lafayette photographer); and Francis Pritscher (Greater Lafayette), guest of BILL PAPE (Francis is an Independent Mortgage Broker and former Attica-Williamsport Rotarian).

HARRISON HIGH SCHOOL GUESTS: Beck Creswell and Hans Lee, guests of the Club and hosted/introduced by BOB HANNEMANN. BOB presented certificates of recognition and President GENE presented a “Rotary Travel Mug” (4-Way Test on it) to Becky and Hans. As a part of the mug presentation, President GENE led the Club in reciting the 4-Way Test.

CLUB BOARD (Board) MEETING, Monday evening, November 8th: (1) DALE MC HENRY, Club Treasurer, noted in his report that 38 Rotarians are in arrears in payment of dues; (2) President GENE reported that the Foundation Board voted not to allow Salvation Army contributions to count toward recognition levels of giving in the Foundation; (3) The Board unanimously approved a document “Rotary Director Position Description” which defines the following: Mission By Avenue of Service (Club, Community, International, Vocational, and Executive); Definitions: (Out-Going Director, Senior Director (One-year), Two-year Director, Three-year Director, and Newly Elected Director); and Guidelines Which Provide Director of Operation (a copy may be obtained by contacting GRIFF); (4) BOB GRIFFITHS, Immediate Past President, reported on the meeting of the ad hoc Club Committee which met to more clearly define the five-point proposal regarding Rotary and Purdue Musical Organizations’ (PMO) relationship (covered in October 12th issue of “Ripples”): Two new Rotary committees will be formed, i.e., Glee Club Committee to be renamed with BOB VERPLANK remaining as Chair, this Committee to coordinate and administer the sale of PMO cassettes, tapes, and CDs, and the awarding of the “Service Above Self” award and mugs at a regular Club meeting during Senior Week in May, and Rotary/PMO Fund Raising Committee, Chaired by JIM HANKS, which will coordinate and administer a community fund raising event, entertainment by PMO, at the Long Center, Saturday, April 8, 2000, with proceeds going toward the Long Center Restoration and Renovation Project; (5) Board approved the following “Object” statement for the Club which will be a part of the “Ripples” masthead as well as a guide for future Board and Club decisions: The Lafayette Rotary Club is a fellowship of men and women dedicated to high ethical standards, serving others, and advancing community and international goodwill; (6) Club still desperately needs a host family, during the second semester, hopefully at Jefferson High School, for the International Youth Exchange male student from BRAZIL; and (7) Board voted to donate the Rotary owned copier to the Imagination Station since the Cingery PSI copier is available for Rotary use.

JIM TURLEY, introduced Bob Hawkins, Superintendent, Bob Hawkins Indiana Veterans’ Home (IVH), who made an interesting presentation about the IVH. He noted: IVH stands, since 1896, as a tribute to Indiana citizens who answered their country’s call to arms; Serves three categories of eligible applicants, i.e., IN Veteran residents (at least five years), with wartime service, who received an honorable discharge; Widow(ers) of eligible Veterans, if married for five years and not divorced; and Spouses of Veterans currently in residence at IVH; Offers many programs and services that address the total needs of residents; Offers Comprehensive Nursing Care - residents requiring complex and extensive medical supervision; Assited Living Care - residents who are not capable of independent living; and Independent Living - residents who are self-sufficient; Currently has residents from World War II, Korean, Vietnam, and Desert Storm Wars, as well as widow and spouses; and Stressed the need, as do other area nursing homes, for nurses aids. He closed by noting strategies being considered to meet the future needs of IVH: Expand current capacity; Decentralization of care facilities throughout IN to improve access and services; Lease bed space in nursing homes in other areas of IN; and Building additional facilities.


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