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  Ripples - October 12, 1999

Volume 84, Number 15 – October 12, 1999

Gerald J. Lynch (Jerry), Associate Professor of Jerry Lynch Economics, Purdue, will speak on “The Euro And Its Input On The U.S. Economy.” Prof. Lynch came to Purdue University in 1982 and has a B.A. from Bellarmine (1968); and a M.A. (1971) and Ph.D. (1975) from Kentucky. Prof. Lynch will be introduced by LAWRENCE TEDER, Program Coordinator for the month of October.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - KATHY DAVIS, 11:00 to 11:40 a.m., and JIM HOBBS, 11:40 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; Greeter - GERARD BENNER; Invocation - JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER; Music - DAVID LUHMAN; and High School guests (West Lafayette) - ANNE KOIVO.


JIM BODENMILLER and Jim Bodenmiller BETTY NELSON (“JC” pictures), at the Greater Betty Nelson Lafayette Chamber of Commerce’s (Chamber) Annual Banquet last night, October 11th, were presented the Chamber’s most prestigious award, the Grand Marquis de Lafayette, for their contributions to the Greater Lafayette community and leadership as volunteers during the past several years. One of JIM’s nominators was NICK CLARK, and one of BETTY’s nominators was JIM KLUSMAN. Congratulations to JIM and BETTY on their recognition for “Service Above Self.”


PAYMENT OF DUES: Dues are delinquent as of October 31, 1999. When writing check for dues, don’t forget President GENE COURTANEY’s (President GENE) request to include a contribution of $5.00 to $100.00 to Rotary International to assist with the PolioPlus Project (eradicate polio worldwide by the year 2005).


- ACCEPTED THE NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE REPORT: The 2000-2001 Rotary Year Slate, as submitted by BETTY NELSON, Chair, is as follows: President - DAN TEDER; President-Elect - OSCAR HOPKINS; Vice President - DAVID BOUGH; Executive Secretary/Director - GRIFF; Treasurer - DALE MC HENRY; Assistant Treasurer - KEITH SMITH; Town Directors, not related to Purdue University (three-year term) - MARVIN BLADE and CHRIS FUNK; Gown Directors, related to Purdue University (three-year term) - JEAN JACKSON and BILL LOVELL; and Lafayette Rotary Foundation Director (five-year term) - TOM PEARSON.

NOTE (from the Club Bylaws): ARTICLE I - Election of Directors and Officers; SECTION 1 -- Nominations will be accepted from the membership, but must be in the hands of the Nominating Committee, BETTY NELSON, Chair, at least 10 days, Saturday, November 27, 1999, before the first regular Club meeting in December, Tuesday, December 7, 1999. Each nomination must have the written support of two additional members and the written consent of the nominee.

NOTE: Should there be a nomination(s) from the membership, there will be a ballot election, supervised by an election committee, at the December 7th Club meeting; however, if no nomination(s) from the membership, the above 2000-2001 slate will be presented to the membership for approval at the December 7th meeting.

- CLUB OFFICE/STORAGE SPACE: For the past several years, the Club has rented office space (GRIFF uses each Tuesday evening to finish “Ripples”, i.e., run copies, fold, apply mailing labels, and sort for best bulk postage rate) and storage space (archival items since start of the Club) at the Wells Center, 638 North Street, from the Tippecanoe Arts Federation (TAF). The Club Board was notified in late July 1999 that since TAF would be adding an elevator to the Wells Center, Rotary would need to vacate. DALE MC HENRY and OSCAR HOPKINS volunteered to look for Club office/storage space. At the Club Board meeting, DALE, announced that a License Agreement, effective October 1, 1999, has been signed with Cinergy PSI for Club office/storage space at the same rental fee, $1,440.00 per year.

- DAVID LANDGREBE, Treasurer, Lafayette Foundation, reviewed the “Lafayette Rotary Foundation Treasurer’s Report” for the first quarter, July 1 - September 30, 1999.

- DALE MC HENRY, Treasurer, Club, reviewed the “Cash Receipts and Disbursements Summary Report for September 1999.”

NOTE: Both of these reports are being forwarded to CHRIS FUNK for inclusion on the Rotary Website < www.lafayetterotary.org > and will be available at Secretary’s table.

- BOB GRIFFITHS, Immediate Past President, reported on a meeting with BRIAN BREED, Director, Purdue Musical Organizations (PMO). An ad hoc Club Committee (Committee) has been meeting for the past several months to review the Club’s relationship with PMO. The Committee proposed a five-point proposal, approved by Club Board at its meeting on September 13th, for review with BRIAN. The five-point proposal consists of the following: #1 - Continue with the Annual Dinner, scheduled for March 21, 2000, but cancel the May Outing; #2 - Club and PMO plan an Annual Community Fund Raising Event; #3 - Continue with presentation of “Service Above Self Award” and mugs to senior members of the Glee Club at the Club meeting during Senior Week in May; #4 - Club sell PMO tapes, cassettes, and CD’s prior to Holiday Season as was done with Sees Candy; and #5 - Current and future PMO Directors to be honorary members of the Club. There will be need for further refinement and possible committee(s) changes.

PLEASE REMEMBER THE LONG CENTER RESTORATION AND RENOVATION PROJECT(Project): It is hoped that Club members and their families will match the Foundation’s gift of $25,000.00, pledge over five years. Contributions will count toward Lafayette Foundation recognition levels of giving, i.e., Golden Service; Golden Plus; Diamond; and Double Diamond; checks should be made payable to the Lafayette Foundation with designation to the Long Center and mailed to DAVID LANDGREBE.

NO REGULAR MEETING - TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12TH: No “Make Ups”; “Visiting Rotarians”; “Visitors”; or “High School guests” due to Club’s participation in the All Service Clubs/Community Organizations meeting on Thursday, October 14th, University Inn Conference Center and Suites, with Coaches Gene Keady (men’s basketball) and Kristy Curry (women’s basketball) as speakers.

THE ROTARY INTERNATIONAL (RI) NOMINATING COMMITTEE reported to member clubs that it unanimously nominated Richard D. King of the Rotary Club of Niles (Fremont), CA, for the office of RI President for the year 2001-2002.

SEPTEMBER 100% CLUB: Number indicates months of continuous attendance, no number indicates one month. ADAMS (88); BARRETT (25); BROCK (63); CHISCON, AL (117); CHISCON, MARTHA (110); COHEN, FRITZ (45); COURTANEY (26); DIESSLIN (51); DWORKIN (3); EWING (51); FENN; FEUER (201); FILMER (44); FOSTER (49); FRAMPTON; FREY, HARLEY (145); FULLER (186); FUNK, CHRIS (20); GARRISON (24); GENTRY; GRIFFITH (248); GRIFFITHS (48); HALL, MARGARET (103); HALL, YB (486); HAMMEL (6); HANKS (16); HANSEN (15); HARB; HATFIELD (225); HAWKINS; HOBBS (67); HOPKINS (50); HUNT; HYCHKA (27); ISMAIL; JACKSON (45); JANLE (26); KAVANAUGH (3); KECK (44); KEPLER (112); KLUSMAN (54); GRIFFIN KOEHLER (98); KOSMAN (17) - balance next week.

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