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  Ripples - August 31, 1999

Volume 84, Number 9 – August 31, 1999

Jerry W. Erskine, Governor, Rotary International District 6560, Lebanon Rotary Club, will be the speaker. Governor Erskine will be introduced by President GENE COURTNEY (President GENE). Governor Erskine and his spouse, Marge, are the parents of five children and they own and operate a custom furniture manufacturing company, which supplies high quality cabinets and case goods to schools, hospitals, businesses, and residences. Governor Erskine was born in Hemlock, MI; served four years in the U. S. Navy; is a graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Vocational Agriculture; has been a member of the Lebanon Rotary Club for 19 years and hold many positions in the Club during these years, including President in 1989-90; was District Chair of the Group Study Exchange Program for five years, sending and hosting teams to/from GERMANY, SOUTH KOREA, INDIA, VENEZUELA, and NORWAY; and he and Marge are both Paul Harris Fellows.

Schedule of activities for Governor Erskine's visit include: (1) 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. - Meet with Club Officers; (2) 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. - Meet with Board Members and Committee Chairs; and (3) Speaker at the Club meeting. The first two meetings will be held in the Alumni Room, University Inn and Conference Center.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - JIM CARNEY, 1 1:00 to 11:40 a.m., and GENE HILLS, 11:40 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; Greeter - PAUL ZIEMER; Invocation - STEVE MOTT; Music - BOB VERPLANK; and High School Guests (Central Catholic) - hosted by KIRK CLARK.

CLUB CONCERNS and FAMILY NEWS: Prior to the invocation today, President GENE noted that KATHY MEEKS reported that JOHN OSMUN was getting along fine and would probably be moving today from the healthcare unit to his apartment at Westminster Village. And, requested members to remember JOHN; BOB ADAMS; LINDA EWING, spouse of KEN LARRY GRAHAM; BILL HAYT; BOB HIATT; BEV STONE; and MARJORIE WALKER, spouse of DICK, in their thoughts and prayers.

DICK GRIPE’s eulogy in honor of HUGH STEELE was outstanding. Anyone wishing a copy of this eulogy should contact GRIFF. Also, "Ripples" was in error regarding the year HUGH became a Rotarian, he joined Rotary in 1953, not 1961.

ERROR in last week’s "Ripples': DICK KOHLS' new address is 207 East Navajo Street and not 201 East Navajo Street, the balance of the information, West Lafayette, 47906-2154 - same telephone number 463-5294 is/was correct.

CONGRATULATIONS to GORDON KINGMA Gordon Kingma ("Lafayette Leader' picture) who became the latest Rotarian to be recognized with a two- page special article in the "Lafayette Leader” about his background and many contributions to the Greater Lafayette community.

TOM GREGORY at Rotary today following surgery on his right knee on Friday, August 13 1999. It was good to see TOM up and around - very carefully.

CORRESPONDENCE from JERRY LIEDL ... Enclosed are two more make ups from Hendersonville, NC. Got my attention that this fall marks the first time in 60 years I have not been in school! I finally graduated or was expelled!

Tukgkan Tuglular, former Ambassadorial Scholar from TURKEY, e-mailed BETTY NELSON the following after her e-mail to him inquiring about his situation after the recent earthquake in TURKEY ... Hi, the earthquake hit western part of TURKEY very badly, Izmir, our home, is 300 miles away; it happened at 3:00 a.m., so most people were asleep. Burcin, my spouse, and I sensed it and ran for a safe place in the apartment, it lasted for 45 seconds. Izmir has no casualties and no collapsed buildings, thank God we and our families are fine; however news from other cities is not good - for the time being about 12,500 people are dead. The only good news is that still there are people rescued from the collapsed buildings ... Thank you for thinking about us. Wish you best ... We send our regards to Rotarians ... Tukgkan



1999-2000 District Governor Jerry Erskine has challenged us to make charitable contributions for the Annual Giving Fund (Paul Harris Fellow or PolioPlus Partners) of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. Governor Jerry asks each of us to contribute a quarter per day, two quarters on meeting days, in order for our annual giving to be at least $100.00 per member.

Committee Chairs: If you have not completed and turned in the one-page Committee Report Form for the District Governor's visit on September 7th, please bring it with you next Tuesday or get it to the scheduled 10.30 a.m. meeting with Governor Erskine.

WELCOME NEW MEMBER: DENNIS D. DUNN (DENNIS) with Dennis Dunn classification PRINTING & PUBLISHING--Newspaper, was introduced by his sponsor, JIM BODENMILLER. DENNIS and his spouse, NANCY, are the parents of four adult children and reside at 1325 Palmer Drive, West Lafayette 47906-1804 - telephone 463-1696. DENNIS is Owner and Publisher of the "Lafayette Leader", 22 North 2nd Street, Lafayette 47901 - telephone 423-2624. DENNIS' Rotary committees are Hospitality (HARLEY FREY, Chair); Salvation Army (ANN PIECHOTA, Chair); and Public Relations (ELSA JANLE, Chair).

GROUP STUDY EXCHANGE (GSE) PROGRAM: BILL HATFIELD, Chair, Group Study Exchange Committee, announced that the District is searching for four, young business or professional people to form a GSE Team which will visit District #2090 in east-central ITALY along the Adriatic Sea, from Cesena in the north to Campobasso in the south. The exchange will take place from June 1, to June 30., 2000. An application and additional information are available from BILL and GRIFF - application deadline to District is Thursday, September 30, 1999. A GSE Team Leader is also being sought, this individual must be a Rotarian. An application and additional information is also available from BILL and GRIFF -application deadline to District is Saturday, September 25, 1999.

ONE READER STILL NEEDED for the "United Way Week of Caring”, Lafayette Day Care Center, First Baptist Church, Thursday September 23, 1999. Contact LEW RUNNELS or GRIFF if you can assist.

RUSSIAN LEADERSHIP PROGRAM: BILL HATFIELD, Coordinator of the week-long visit of the four young Russian leaders and interpreter, thanked everyone for their support and cooperation; they were guests of Rotary at last Tuesday's luncheon. Members were: Dmitriy Chizhav, City administration, Committee for Youth Policy; Vyacheslav Devyatkov, Saroy city administration; Olga Fedoseyeva, lvanovo city administration; Boris Krupnov, Public association "Bahkirian Center of Economic and Humanitarian Researches”; and lnna Dolgushina, Graduate Student and Interpreter. A copy of their week-long agenda is available from BILL or GRIFF.

Michael Brezezinski (Mike), Director, International Students & Scholars, described "The World At Your Doorstep” an International Friendship Program at Purdue which offers Rotarians an opportunity to reach out to the world by befriending an international student. Share meals, enjoy outings, and celebrate special holiday events together. Mike noted that there are over 4,000 international students from 125 countries on campus. If you are interested, contact Mike at Young Graduate House, 494-7084.

SMALL GROUP DINNERS: JANE TURNER, Chair of this event, is seeking a host for an October small group dinner. If you are interested, please contact JANE at 463-1371, or e-mail < ttours@pop.nici.com >.

Jim Clapper has resigned from Rotary.

Membership as of August 31, 1999 - 278 members: 159 - active; 3 - additional active; 104 - senior active; 7 - past service; and 5 honorary.

SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAY TABLE - First Tuesday in the Month - September 7,1999.

SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS and DATES - JOHN MC KEE, September Birthday Table Chair





































MAKE UPS: JOHN BARRETT, Snowmass Village, CO (three times); JERRY LIEDL, Hendersonville, NC; STEVE MOTT, Daybreak; JOE SICER, South Gateway-South Bend; and DAVE SMITH, Frankfort and South Haven, MI.

VISITING ROTARIAN: Web Carlson, Constantine, MI.

VISITORS: LUANNE FRAMPTON, spouse of MIKE; Jaime McGlothlin, daughter of JIM (Jaime a student at Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT); Ed Snyder (Greater Lafayette), introduced by GRIFF (Ed is owner of Snyder & Co.); Scott Downey (Greater Lafayette), guest of OSCAR HOPKINS (Scott is Retail Administrator, Civitas Banks); George Hanna (Greater Lafayette), guest of JERRY MC CARTHY (George is an attorney); and Wayne Fountain (Greater Lafayette), guest of WALT VALENTINE (Wayne is Magistrate of the Court, Tippecanoe County).

SPECIAL GUESTS: Bok-Ki Lee, Inbound Ambassadorial Scholar from SOUTH KOREA, introduced by his sponsor AL CHISCON.

WALT VALENTINE introduced Judge Donald C. Johnson, Superior Court #1, Tippecanoe County, who made an interesting presentation about the criminal justice system. Judge Johnson noted that, in his opinion, there are four qualities that bring youth into court: (1) Dysfunctional families, abused, neglected, etc.; (2) Introduced to drugs at an early age by older siblings or someone else in the family; (3) Dropped out of school; and (4) Do not have jobs. He stressed that a strong family is where youth learn the qualities that will usually make them successful contributors to society and thus avoid the criminal court system. A Q & A session followed.

COLLECTORS: CARL REW substituting for LAURIE BROSE and STEVE HICKMAN; Greeting by GERARD BENNER; Invocation by JIM HANKS; Singing led by NICK CLARK; and Rotary piano by REX KEPLER. Free Meals Drawing - JEAN JACKSON and TOM PEARSON.

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