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  Ripples - July 20, 1999

Volume 84, Number 3 – July 20, 1999

Jerry J. Bean, Prosecutor, Tippecanoe County, Jerry Bean will be the speaker. Mr. Bean will be introduced by JIM CARNEY, Program Coordinator for the month of July.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - JIM BODENMILLER, 11:00 to 11:40, and JIM HANKS, 11:40 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; Greeter - BOB TAYLOR; Invocation - JIM FENN; and Music - KATHY MEEKS.

CLUB CONCERNS and FAMILY NEWS: Prior to the invocation today, President GENE COURTANEY (President GENE) noted that LARRY GRAHAM (JIM HANKS called with an update) is scheduled for open heart surgery early next week, there have been three postponements, in Cleveland, OH; ANNIE LAURIE PARKHURST, spouse of PARKIE, is currently in Home Hospital with a heart problem; and HUGH STEELE is still in St. Elizabeth Medical Center recovering from back surgery. And, requested members to remember LARRY, ANNIE LAURIE, and HUGH, as well as LINDA EWING, spouse of KEN; BOB JEFFARES; BOB HIATT; MARGARET HALL; BEV STONE; and MARJORIE WALKER, spouse of DICK, in their thoughts and prayers.

CORRESPONDENCE from BOB JEFFARES...Many thanks for sending the beautiful pot of mums. They not only have brightened up our home but my spirits as well. My rehabilitation is progressing very well and I hope to be able to attend a Rotary meeting in the very near future. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

JERRY LIEDL has retired from Purdue University, his new address is 206 Carriage Summit Way, Hendersonville, NC 38791-2819.


PICTORIAL DIRECTORIES (Directory) for the 1999-2000 Rotary Year are available.

AUGUST SMALL GROUP DINNER, Friday, August 6th -- 6:00 p.m. - Dinner (cookout) at FRITZ and LEONA COHEN’s home; 8:00 p.m. - Civic Theatre under the stars performance at Outdoor Amphitheater of “1940’s Radio Hour” (A live broadcast of a musical variety hour full of singing, dancing, and funny commercials.); and after the performance, back to the COHEN’s for dessert. Cookout cost is $8 and performance cost is $10; make reservations with JANE TURNER at 423-1371 or < ttours@pop.nlci.com >.

MAKE PLANS TO HAVE LUNCH WITH PURDUE COACHES (Letter from Jim Vruggink, Athletic Public Relations Director): “In an effort to continue the tradition of having Purdue coaches available as guest speakers for service clubs and also in an attempt to help the coaches with their hectic schedules, please make plans now for Tuesday, August 24, 1999 and Thursday, October 14, 1999. On those days, August 24th for Purdue Head Coaches Joe Tiller (football) and Jeff Hulsmeyer (volleyball) and October 14th for Gene Keady (men’s basketball) and Kristy Curry (women’s basketball). All the Greater Lafayette Area Service Clubs are invited to meet jointly to hear the coaches. Both events will be held in the large ballroom at the University Inn and Conference Center, and will be a buffet costing $7.00 per person.” Lafayette Rotary will be the host Club for the Tuesday, August 24th meeting and Kiwanis will be the host Club for the Thursday, October 14th meeting. NOTE: The Club Board of Directors voted NOT TO HAVE THE REGULAR ROTARY MEETING ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12TH.

$AVE QUARTER and $EE WHAT DEVELOPS: 1999-2000 District Governor Jerry Erskine has challenged the District to a charitable contributions goal of $300,000. for the Annual Giving Fund (Paul Harris Fellow) of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. Jerry asks us to save a quarter per day (two on meeting days) and to do 8 Tons of Good? for world peace. This will be the first time the District has averaged $100. per member in a Rotary year. Some clubs have done it before, but never before has every club reached this level.

JUNE 100% CLUB: (Continued from last week) Number indicates months of continuous attendance, no number indicates one month. LANDGREBE (108); LANE (451); LUHMAN (61); MAYES (6); MC CARTHY (13); MC HENRY (36); MC KEE (240); MICHAEL (115); MILLER, BILL R. (325); MITCHELL (115); MORRIS (2); MOTT (44); NELSON (56); PAPE (226); PARKHURST (4); POLAND; RAHDERT (84); RUNNELS (124); RUTLEDGE; SCHMIDT (248); SICER (289); SILVA (228); SMITH, KEITH (27); SMITH, SUSAN (84); ST. JOHN (117); STEELE (281); SUDDARTH (23); TAYLOR, HAROLD (414); TEDER, DAN (87); TURLEY (144); TURNER, JANE (105); VERPLANK (410); WADE (66); WALKER (170); WEST (72); and WILEY (226). Congratulations to BARB HANSEN who had one year; to SUSAN HYCHKA who had two years; to HOWARD DIESSLIN and KEN EWING who had four years; to BOB BROCK who had five years; to TERRY WEST who had six years; to DICK RAHDERT and SUSAN SMITH who had seven years; to DAVE LANDGREBE who had nine years; to JIM TURLEY who had 12 years; to LE ROY SILVA who had 19 years; and to JOHN MC KEE who had 20 years of 100% attendance at the end of June. Contact GRIFF for 100% lapel pins.


VISITING ROTARIANS: Jim Snider, Daybreak.

VISITORS: RUTH MORAN, spouse of TOM. President GENE presented RUTH a “Rotary Wheel” in recognition of the many efforts expended in hosting the three Youth Exchange Students from BELGIUM.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Jae Ho Kwak, Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar from KOREA (Jae Ho will be enrolled in the School of Mechanical Engineering), introduced by FRITZ COHEN); Matt Williams, 1999-2000 Ambassadorial Scholar, and Matt’s friend, Karen Cameron, from Felkirk, SCOTLAND, introduced by BARB DOSTER; and Yoon-Hee Rovillard, Fabrice Monnier, and Hugues Horlait (BELGIUM), introduced by TOM MORAN (Short Term Exchange Students).

JIM CARNEY introduced JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER who made Jan Koehler a most interesting presentation about Junior Achievement (JA). JAN noted that JA: Has evolved dramatically from helping kids build products to offering a sequential experience that provides a sophisticated approach, kindergarten through grade 12, to learning what is needed in our rapidly changing world by integrating top economic education materials with real life experiences of a volunteer who make education and economics relevant; Reaches nearly four million students in the U.S. and 4,482 attending 210 classes in Benton and Tippecanoe Counties (increase of 1,070 students and 59 classes over last year); Has a strategic plan, “Impact 2005”, which projects that more than 11 million students will benefit from JA’s program within the next six years; Can only accomplish these goals in partnership with you - businesses, foundations, and individuals providing the resources that help turn classrooms into learning laboratories of the future; Has classroom materials, which include textbooks, study guides, lessons plans and activities that are the best available. JAN closed by noting that: JA’s ultimate mission is to provide every student with a fundamental understanding of how our free enterprise system works; it’s important to remember that children might only be 25% of the population but they are 100% of the future; and tomorrow resides in the mind of today’s child - open a window, open a door - the sky’s the limit.

JAN requested that $10 be donated to the Lafayette Foundation in lieu of receiving a brass “Rotary Wheel.”

COLLECTORS: JIM BODENMILLER and JIM HANKS; Greeting by DON GENTRY (7/6/99), by TOM ROBINSON (7/13/99) and by HANS NAUMANN today; Invocation by BOB VERPLANK; Singing led by KATHY MEEKS; and Rotary piano by HARLEY FREY.

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