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  Ripples - June 22, 1999

Volume 83, Number 51 – June 22, 1999

ROTARIAN CHRIS FUNK, who has had major involvement, over the past several months, in the development of the Club’s web site < www.lafayetterotary.org >, will make a presentation on “Rotary Club Web Site.” Hopefully this program will accomplish two goals: (1) Make members aware of the significant amount of information available regarding Lafayette Rotary, Rotary International, and the many other Rotary Clubs that also have web sites; and (2) Encourage those members who have e-mail to consider using the web site to acquire their copy of “Ripples” each week, alert GRIFF who would remove their address from the weekly mailing, and thus save the Club some weekly postage charges (one member today requested that his name be removed from the mailing list as he is getting “Ripples” from the web site). “Ripples” is developed Tuesday p.m. after the Club meeting and e-mailed to CHRIS, usually by 10:00 p.m., and is available from the web site on Wednesday. As indicated in last week’s “Ripples”, if all of the members who now have an e-mail address listed with DAVID LANDGREBE, 94 at this time, would get “Ripples” off the web site and not have it mailed, there would be an annual postage savings of ~ $900.00. GORDON KINGMA, June Program Coordinator, will introduce CHRIS.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - JERRY MC CARTHY, 11:15 to 11:45, and MILLARD PLUMLEE, 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; Greeter - TRUDY TROCHTA; Invocation - GENE COURTANEY; and Music - MARY HALEY.

CLUB CONCERNS and FAMILY NEWS: Prior to the invocation today, President BOB GRIFFITHS (President BOB) noted that BOB JEFFARES had by-pass surgery yesterday at St. Vincent’s in Indianapolis. President BOB requested members to remember BOB; LINDA EWING, spouse of KEN; BOB HIATT; BEV STONE; and MARJORIE WALKER, spouse of DICK, in their thoughts and prayers.

CORRESPONDENCE from VAN PEETERS, spouse of RAY...My warmest, heartfelt thanks for the lovely blossoming plant. Every time I look at it, in all its happy peach-colored beauty, I know why we have a tradition of sending flowers to the sick and injured -- its the greatest round-the-clock, non-stop therapy for body & soul.

CONGRATULATIONS to CORKY MITCHELL on the arrival of a new grandson, Bryce Wolff Kapplin Mitchell, born to Stacia and Tom Mitchell on Thursday, June 17, 1999, in Chicago. Thanks to CORKY for her significant contribution to the Lafayette Foundation, designated to Museums of Prophetstown, in honor of Bryce Wolff Kapplin Mitchell.


NEW MEMBER: GERARD P. BENNER with classification BUSINESS Gerard Benner SERVICES--Certified Public Accountant, was introduced by his sponsor ELDON ORTMAN. GERARD and his spouse, CATHERINE, are the parents of two sons, ages 13 and 10, and reside at 30 Robinhood Place, West Lafayette 47906-6602 - telephone 463-7940. GERARD is a partner with Huth Thompson LLP with office at 427 North 6th Street, P. O. Box 116, Lafayette, IN 47902 - telephone 742-0171 - FAX 742-6784. GERARD’s Rotary committees for the 1999-2000 Rotary year are Hospitality Committee (HARLEY FREY, Chair); Salvation Army (ANN PIECHOTA, Chair); and Youth (JEFF DARLING, Chair). GERARD suggested that members might wish to give the cashier $10.00 and request that $7.00 go for his/her lunch and the other $3.00 be donated to the Lafayette Foundation.

LATEST DISASTER REPORTS from BILL FULLER, District World Community Service Committee...An avalanche in AUSTRIA, refugees in ALBANIA, tornadoes in OK and SOUTH AFRICA, earthquake in INDIA, encephalitis in MALAYSIA, cholera in MADAGASCAR, and hailstorm in AUSTRALIA all need your help. The Governors of these Districts are appealing to Rotarians for aid. See notices on Bulletin Board for details. Contributions may be sent to The Rotary International Foundation c/o Harris Trust and Savings Bank, P. O. Box 71169, Chicago, IL 60694-1169.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND the “Rotary Plaza Project” (Project) which is to be the main entrance to the Museums at Prophetstown (Museums). The cost of site work and landscaping for the Project is $50,000.00. The Lafayette Rotary Foundation (Foundation) has pledged a minimum of $25,000.00, or half of the necessary funding, and the Club Board of Directors has authorized the solicitation of Club members and their families to hopefully match the Foundation’s gift. Checks should be made payable to the Lafayette Rotary Foundation, with notation in the lower left-hand corner, and mailed to David Landgrebe, Foundation Treasurer, 1633 Western Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47906.

NOTE: Several Rotarians made contributions to the Museums prior to the Project becoming an official Project of the Club/Foundation. Those Rotarians, who wish, may have those contributions transferred to the Project by calling the Museums’ office, 423-4617, ask for SHERI RAHDERT (spouse of DICK), Director of Operations, and request that this transfer be made. The benefit of this transfer could be twofold: (1) Assist Club members and families reach the goal of $25,000.00 to match the Foundation’s five-year grant of $25,000.00; and (2) The Foundation is currently considering the possibility of allowing such contributions to apply toward the Foundation’s levels of giving, i.e., Golden Service (currently 80 members )- more than $1,000.00 but less than $2,500.00; Golden Plus (currently four members) - more than $2,500.00 but less than $5,000.00; Diamond (currently two members) - $5,000 or more; or Double Diamond - $10,000.00 or more.

NEXT SMALL GROUP DINNER is Wednesday, July 7, 1999 at SANDY PEARLMAN’s; contact JANE TURNER if interested in attending.

MAKE UPS: BETTY NELSON, Attica-Williamsport; BILL PAPE, aboard Holland America’s Ocean Liner m.s. Noordam; LE ROY SILVA, Crawfordsville, Elkhart, LaPorte, and Michigan City; SUSAN SMITH, Daybreak; and FAE SPURLOCK, Franklin, NC.

VISITING ROTARIANS: Frank Bruggner, Fishers; and John Dittmer, Concordia, KS. John, while technically still a member of the Concordia, KS Rotary Club, is the new pastor of the West Lafayette Christian Church, 1980 Lindberg Road, West Lafayette; he was introduced by KIRK CLARK, a member of that congregation.

VISITORS: Earle Nay (Greater Lafayette), guest of MARY HALEY (Earle is President, Information Services Group); and Steve Shook (Greater Lafayette), guest of JUDITH HAMMAN (Steve is with The Shook Agency Inc.).

SPECIAL GUEST: Thomas Deinet, Ambassadorial Scholar from Wiesbaden, GERMANY, introduced by GRIFF.

GORDON KINGMA introduced DAVID BOUGH, Chair, World Community Service Committee, who reviewed the “Ethiopia Lighthouse Project” (Project), a three-phase Project to assist some 17,000 homeless in Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA, i.e., construct block shelters for 100 women headed families (500-600 can be housed in these); feeding of these people for about six to eight months; and implementation of self-sustainable small scale business or homework activity based on loans and/or donations. Three Addis Ababa Rotary Clubs are involved in the Project - Addis Ababa Bole, Addis Ababa, and Addis Ababa West. Our Club’s efforts are in the feeding phase and it is hoped that $5,000.00 can be raised from members, this $5,000.00 matched by District 6560, District Governor BILL HATFIELD, and this $10,000.00 matched by Rotary International. Contributions can be counted toward a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) award and any PHF contributions during the 1998-1999 Rotary year may be re-designated to the Project.

COLLECTORS: CHUCK HORNER, substituting for JERRY MC CARTHY and MILLARD PLUMLEE; Invocation by JIM FENN; Singing led by MARY HALEY; and Rotary piano by REX KEPLER.

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