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  Ripples - June 15, 1999

Volume 83, Number 50 – June 15, 1999

ROTARIAN DAVID BOUGH, Senior Director, International Avenue of Service, and Chair, World Community Service Committee (Committee), will present a two-part program: (1) Slides from the Village Banking/Micro Banking Project established by the Club/Committee in cooperation with the Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc. (NWFT) and the Bacolod City, PHILIPPINES Rotary Club; and (2) Ethiopia Lighthouse Project (Project), Project in cooperation with three Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA Rotary Clubs, i.e., (1) Construction of 100 light shelters to house 500-600 individuals; (2) Feed these individuals for six to eight months; and (3) Implement a micro banking system similar to the one cited above in the PHILIPPINES. GORDON KINGMA, June Program Coordinator, will introduce DAVID.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - JERRY MC CARTHY, 11:15 to 11:45, and MILLARD PLUMLEE, 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; Greeter - TRUDY TROCHTA; Invocation - JIM FENN; and Music - MARY HALEY.

CLUB CONCERNS: Prior to the invocation today, President BOB GRIFFITHS (President BOB) requested members to remember LINDA EWING, spouse of KEN; BOB HIATT; VAN PEETERS, spouse of RAY; BEV STONE; and MARJORIE WALKER, spouse of DICK, in their thoughts and prayers.


Rotarians BILL LOVELL, ROY MEEKS, TOM MORAN, TERRY WEST, and spouses left this a.m. for an extended trip, three weeks, to AK.

Note from JIM HANKS: AL CHISCON is starring and SUSAN KISINGER is directing Civic Theater’s production of “Daddy’s Dying, Whose Got The Will?”; closing weekend performances at 8:00 p.m., June 17th, 18th, and 19th, and 2:30 p.m., June 20th.


NEW MEMBER: EDWARD E. EILER (ED) with classification EDUCATION--Public Ed Eiler Schools-Superintendent-Lafayette School Corporation, was introduced by his sponsor BOB BROCK. ED and his spouse for 27 years, SUE, are the parents of three children and reside at 2213 Alpena Court, Lafayette 47905-4001 - telephone 447-3554. ED is Superintendent, Lafayette School Corporation, with office at 2300 Cason Street, Lafayette 47904 - telephone 449-3200. ED’s Rotary committees for the 1999-2000 Rotary year are Hospitality Committee (HARLEY FREY, Chair); Scholarship & Citizenship (MARK RUSSELL, Chair); and Student Guests (BARB DOSTER, Chair).

MEMBERSHIP BREAKDOWN: 286 members - 165 Actives; 4 Additional Actives (FRED ANDERSON moved from Additional Active to Active); 106 Senior Actives; 6 Past Service; and 5 Honorary.

THE VERY LAST CALL FOR PICTORIAL DIRECTORY CHANGES: This year’s Pictorial Directory, thanks to CHRIS FUNK, will have some neat features, i.e., spiral bound for better utilization, symbols indicating levels of participation in the Lafayette Foundation and Paul Harris Fellow awards in International Foundation, District Governor designation, past president designation, e-mail addresses, and more streamlined Rotarian information. GRIFF is proofing the final copy prior to printing this week.

PLEASE NOTE: Tuesday, June 8th “Ripples” listed an incorrect adult price for attending the Up With People musical scheduled for 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 23, 1999. The correct price is $15.00 per person for adults and not $25.00 as was listed.

DON’T FORGET THIS SPECIAL WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE COMMITTEE (Committee) PROJECT: Club and Foundation Boards of Directors approved this Ethiopia Project (Project) which permits members to make contributions and receive tax exemption. Checks are already arriving, members should make checks payable to the Lafayette Rotary Foundation and note in the lower left-hand corner that it is for the Ethiopia Project. It was noted that contributions to the Project may also be applied toward Paul Harris Fellow and Paul Harris Sustaining awards.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND the “Lafayette Rotary Plaza” (Plaza) which is to be the main entrance to the Museums at Prophetstown. The cost of site work and landscaping for the Plaza is $50,000.00. The Lafayette Rotary Foundation (Foundation) has pledged a minimum of $25,000.00, or half of the necessary funding, and the Club Board of Directors has authorized the solicitation of Club members and their families to hopefully match the Foundation’s gift. Checks should be made payable to the Lafayette Rotary Foundation, with notation in the lower left-hand corner, and mailed to David Landgrebe, Foundation Treasurer, 1633 Western Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47906.

SMALL GROUP DINNER SCHEDULE for next few months: Wednesday, July 7, 1999 - SANDY PEARLMAN; August unscheduled at this time; Wednesday, September 1, 1999 - DALE and JUDY MC HENRY; and Wednesday or Thursday, not decided yet, October 6 or 7, 1999 - BOB and MARTHELLEN HOGUE. Contact JANE TURNER if interested in attending/participating in one, or all, of these.

VISITING ROTARIANS: Jim Corcoran, Iowa City, IA; and Jim Snider, Daybreak.

VISITORS: Nancy Hargrave (Kokomo), guest of MARVIN BLADE (Nancy is Regional Residential Account Manager, Cinergy/PSI Energy); and Greg Kapp (Greater Lafayette), guest of KEITH SMITH (Greg is Director, Corporate and External Support, Krannert, Purdue).

SPECIAL GUEST: Thomas Deinet, Ambassadorial Scholar from Wiesbaden, GERMANY, introduced by JIM DWORKIN.

CLUB BOARD action at their meeting Monday evening, June 14, 1999: (1) DALE MC HENRY, Treasurer, noted that 12 members in arrears in paying dues; will be dropped from membership on June 30th if not paid by that time; (2) Make an effort to have Rotarians with e-mail addresses read or get copies of “Ripples” from web site rather than mailing; currently 93 Rotarians have e-mail addresses listed and if each would get “Ripples” from web site versus mailing, there could be a savings of ~$900.00 in postage over a 12-month period; (3) Pictorial Directory put on the web site, but would need a password/key in order to view it.

GORDON KINGMA introduced Rob Norris, Corporate Communications, Cinergy/PSI Energy (Cinergy), who made a most interesting presentation regarding Cinergy’s preparation for Y2K. Rob noted that Cinergy: (1) Started looking at Y2K in 1996; (2) Brought in an outside consultant to determine which lines would need to be checked (have 28 million lines and it was determined that each of 8 million lines would need to be reviewed); (3) 70% of generating plants now think that it is 2000 and one plant thinks it is 2001 (one plant was set at 1999 last January to see if would think it was 2000 on January 1st and work - it did); (4) Continually reviewing suppliers, i.e., coal supplied by three railroads lines whose switches are computer operated, these switches are being checked as well as checking on backup use of trucks and barges to supply coal; (5) 2.4 million tons of coal on the ground by New Year’s Eve; (6) All plants will be fully staffed and operating New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day; (7) Change generating plants to proper date after February 29, 2000; and (8) Plan to be Y2K ready by the end of this month. Rob noted in closing that Cinergy expects that all other utilities will be Y2K ready and that they will stay attached to the national grid, but ready to detach should it become necessary. A Q&A period was held following his presentation.

COLLECTORS: JERRY MC CARTHY and DICK KOHLS substituting for MILLARD PLUMLEE; Invocation by CHRISTA KECK; Singing led by MARY HALEY; and Rotary piano by REX KEPLER.

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