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  Ripples - March 23, 1999

Volume 83, Number 38 – March 23, 1999

Merritt McMullen, Director of Sales, Special Expeditions, will talk about “Passport to Travel.” Special Expeditions is a worldwide travel organization, Ms. McMullen is based in Indianapolis, conducting worldwide tours/programs geared to soft adventure, individuals of all ages, except handicapped, can participate. Their tours/programs have an ecology thrust which allows for an appreciation of the environment of locations visited. Ms. McMullen will be introduced by CRAIG IRVINE, Program Coordinator for the month of March.

CLUB CONCERNS: (1) Deepest sympathy to JOHN OSMUN, and family, on the death of spouse, DOROTHY, Tuesday, March 16, 1999, at St. Elizabeth Medical Center; (2) JIM HANKS received a telephone call from VIRGIL ST. JOHN, Wednesday, March 17th, VIRGIL indicated that neck surgery to correct the problem was perfect, pain in right arm is gone, having muscle spasms in neck and back, and a trifle better (conversation interrupted by spouse, RUTH, indicating that he still has a long way to go); and (3) DICK WALKER, talked with him this p.m., and he wished everyone a good time at the Annual Dinner this evening, indicated that MARJORIE still convalescing in extended care at St. Anthony Health Care. Please remember JOHN and family, VIRGIL, MARJORIE, as well as LINDA EWING, spouse of KEN, in your thoughts and prayers.


ROTARIANS WHO ARE CONSIDERING PROPOSAL OF AN INDIVIDUAL TO BECOME A MEMBER should note that the Membership Education and Information Committee, JERRY MC CARTHY, Vice Chair, will be conducting an “Information Meeting”, 11:00 a.m., Tuesday, April 6th, University Inn. Potential candidate(s) must attend a meeting such as this to learn more about Rotary in order to decide whether they would like to become a member. Contact GRIFF for a “Membership Application” card.

TWO COMMITTEE MEETINGS, TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 1999: (1) Membership Retention Committee, reminder notes sent to individual Committee members, SANDY PEARLMAN, Chair, will meet at 11:30 a.m., reserved table in the University Square Dining Room; and (2) Membership Selection & Classification Committee, reminder notes sent to individual Committee members, GENE HILLS, Chair, will meet immediately after the regular Club meeting in the Tailgate Lounge.

GROUP STUDY EXCHANGE (GSE) TEAM FROM FRANCE will be picked at Danville Rotary Club the morning of Saturday, April 3rd, and be in the Greater Lafayette community until picked up after breakfast on Wednesday, April 7th, by the Greencastle Rotary Club. This is a joint Lafayette and Daybreak project with WALLY TYNER, Lafayette Chair, and Zenephia “Zee” Evans, Daybreak Chair. GSE Team members from FRANCE: Rene Crolard, Team Leader, from Rotary Club (RC) of Annecy (retired Director, Research Center of Technology for the paper and pulp industry); Christele Agraz, sponsored by the RC of Romans (29 years old, teacher of English and Russian, and in charge of International Relations for the Lycee Technique Monplaisir in Valence); Florence Ribera, sponsored by the RC of Grenoble (28 years old and preparing for Ph.D. in cellular biology in a hospital for heart transplants); Geraldine Lievre, sponsored by the RC of Valence Mistral (29 years old and a computer engineer specialist in information technics); and Patrick Boucq, sponsored by the RC of Chambery Challes (38 years old and Manager, Tourism Office of Aillon Le Jeune in Savoy). Alternate team member is Anne Deschamps, 27 years old and a legal assistant.

DISTRICT 6560 CONFERENCE (Conference), April 30 - May 2, 1999, The Seasons Lodge & Conference Center, Nashville, IN. This is District Governor BILL HATFIELD’s Conference so hopefully several from the Club will attend. GRIFF has registration forms.

MAKE UPS: MARVIN BLADE and SHAWN KELLY, in addition to those listed in the March 9th “Ripples”, assisted with Shots Not Spots Immunization Program; LARRY LANE, Otterbein; BETTY NELSON, Daybreak, Lebanon, and Sheridan; and FAE SPURLOCK, Franklin, NC.

VISITING ROTARIANS: LEONA COHEN, spouse of FRITZ, and Rachel Johnson, Daybreak.


BOB HANNEMANN (“The Purdue Alumnus-March/April 1999” picture) featured in a very nice article “Alumni Now-Children’s Crusader” covering some of his career recognition highlights and philosophies as an advocate of children’s safety.

John Walling, speaker on Tuesday, February 16th, and SUSAN SMITH, speaker on Tuesday, February 23rd, each requested that $10.00 be donated to the Lafayette Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund (John) and Lafayette Rotary Foundation (SUSAN) in lieu of receiving another Rotary brass wheel.

JOHN CARPENTER sent a postcard indicating that they would be back in the Greater Lafayette area around March 30th.

THE ROTARY-GLEE CLUB ANNUAL DINNER (Dinner) was a tremendous success thanks to DAN TEDER, Club Vice President and Chair, Annual Dinner Committee, and Committee (JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER and KATHY MEEKS, Co-Chairs; BRIAN BREED; GORDON CHAVERS; RON FRUITT; JIM HANKS; SYDNEY HARRY; JON HUSTON; DAVE LUHMAN; DALE MC HENRY; HAROLD MICHAEL; and PAUL ZIEMER). Prior to the invocation by KEN EWING, DAN noted that Rotarians FRED ANDREWS and DAVE PFENDLER had died since the last Dinner. DAN recognized special guests: (1) Visitors from the Delphi Rotary Club; (2) Spouses of deceased Rotarians - Evelyn Ball (Cable); Janet Bradshaw (John); Mary Graham (Tom); Barbara Kampen (Emerson); Helen Keller (Sam); Sylvia Levinson (Bert); and Janet Thornton (Dick); (3) DAREN BREED, spouse of BRIAN and Jay Israel-Kellogg, Assistant Director, Purdue Musical Organizations and Varsity Glee Club piano accompanist, and spouse, Patrick; (4) Ambassadorial Scholars Thomas Philipp Deinet from GERMANY (hosted by KAE MOORE); and Young Rock Yoon and spouse, Hee-Jin lin (hosted by MARVIN and JERRIE BLADE) and Bok-Ki-Lee (hosted by AL and MARTHA CHISCON) from SOUTH KOREA; and former Ambassadorial Scholar Rodolfo Bongiovanni and spouse, Valeria, from ARGENTINA (hosted by JIM and MARY JO TURLEY; (5) Camille Bencteux, Youth Exchange Student from FRANCE (hosted by NICK CLARK); (6) Immediate Past District Governor Bill Batt (RC of Indianapolis; Past District Governor Tom Branum, Sr. (RC of Indianapolis Northeast) and spouse, Linda; District Governor BILL HATFIELD and Rotary friend JEAN JACKSON; District Governor Nominee Jerry Erskine (RC of Lebanon) and spouse, Marjorie; and District Governor Representative Allen Milburn (RC of Lebanon) and spouse, Jane; (7) Past District Governors JOHN MC KEE; HAROLD MICHAEL; and HAROLD TAYLOR; and (8) President BOB and CONNIE GRIFFITHS; and Treasurer DALE and JUDY MC HENRY. DAN then introduced BOB GARRISON, Chair, Membership Education & Information Committee, and organizer of “Rotary Jeopardy”, who along with BOB BROCK and BETTY NELSON conducted “Final Jeopardy” with the three finalists BOB ADAMS, KATHY MEEKS, and CORKY MITCHELL. All three answered the question accurately (The relatively new committee that has initiated such projects as “Shots Not Spots”, “Global Fest”, etc. - answer “What is the Community Service Projects Committee), but because of his wager, BOB ADAMS was the winner. And, in a fitting closure to a most entertaining evening, the Purdue Varsity Glee Club under the direction of BRIAN BREED and accompanied by Jae Israel-Kellogg, gave a unique and outstanding performance.

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