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  Ripples - March 2, 1999

Volume 83, Number 35 – March 2, 1999

Jean McGroarty, Director of Education, Humane Society, will talk about “The Truth About Cats and Dogs: What the Humane Society Does and Why It Does It.” Ms. McGroarty will be introduced by CRAIG IRVINE, Program Coordinator for the month of March.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - DICK HOLTZ 11:15 to 11:45, and LYNN ZACHMANOGLOU 11:45 to 12:15; Greeter - TRUDY TROCHTA; Invocation - JOHN MC KEE; Music - BRIAN BREED; and host of high school guests (Jefferson) - TOM SCHMIDT.

CLUB CONCERNS: Prior to the invocation today, President BOB noted that JANE HALL, spouse of YB was doing very well, walking approximately one-half mile each day with use of a walker. Then requested members to remember the following in their thoughts and prayers: LINDA EWING, spouse of KEN, and HUGH STEELE.


ANNUAL DINNER (Dinner)- TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 1999 (please remember, no regular Club meeting on this day): It costs $50.00 to $75.00 per person to experience a dinner show at Las Vegas, NV. The Dinner is a bargain; don’t miss it. Even if you are unable to attend, please consider financial assistance to sponsor one or two of the Club’s guests. The evening starts with an open cash bar at 6:00 p.m., and dinner at 6:30 p.m. Tickets, $25.00 per person, are on sale each Tuesday by DALE MC HENRY at the money collection table. For those interested, will reserve a table of approximately six - need to leave spaces for Glee Club members.

SHOTS NOT SPOTS IMMUNIZATION PROGRAM, Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at the Home Economics Building, Tippecanoe County Fair Grounds. JEAN JACKSON is Chairing this Community Service Projects event; the following spots/needs are: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon - set-up (all spots filled); 12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m. (need three Rotarians); 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. (need one Rotarian); 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. (need four Rotarians); and 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. - tear-down (needs two strong Rotarians to move tables). JEAN will have sign-up sheets at Rotary next Tuesday, March 9th; please help to fill these empty spots to help with shots.

PICTURES BEING TAKEN FOR DIRECTORY, DUE OUT IN JULY 1999 - CHRIS FUNK will be taking pictures from 11:15 a.m. to 12:00 noon on the following Tuesdays: March 9th, March 16th, and March 30th. Special letters will be sent to all new members, those since July 1, 1998, but others are welcome to have their pictures retaken, if desired. CHRIS will be in the lounge area outside of the Grand Ballroom.

GROUP STUDY EXCHANGE (GSE) TEAM UPDATE: WALLY TYNER, Chair, lists the following needs: (1) One host family (already has GLENN BOWERS, OSCAR HOPKINS, SUSAN HYCHKA, and WALLY) for four nights (Saturday through Tuesday ) and four breakfasts (Sunday through Wednesday); (2) Three to assist MARY HALEY, dinner host - 4/6/99; (3) Two to assist with a.m. Monday professional visits: (4) One to assist with Monday p.m. professional visits to SIA and Lilly; (5) Two to assist with museum and library visits - this one now filled; and (6) Two to assist with other general transportation and logistics. WALLY has class for next few Tuesdays, so sign up sheets will be circulated. The following is an overall visitation draft:

Saturday, April 3, 1999
Pick-up at 11:00 a.m. at Danville, IN

Sunday, April 4, 1999
Chicago, IL -

Monday, April 5, 1999
a.m. - Professional visits
p.m. - SIA & Lilly

Tuesday, April 6, 1999
a.m. - Professional visits
p.m. - Museums & Library

Wednesday, April 7, 1999
Picked up by Greencastle Rotary Club

FEBRUARY 100% CLUB: Number indicates months of continuous attendance, no number indicates one month. ABBERT (2); ADAMS (81); ANDERSON, F.; BARRETT (18); BOWERS (6); BROCK (56); CARNEY; CHISCON, AL (110); CHISCON, MARTHA (102); CLARK, K.; COHEN, F. (38); COLE (3); COURTANEY (19); CUE (3); DELL; DIESSLIN (44); DOVERSBERGER; EWING (44); FEUER (194); FILMER (37); FOSTER (42); FRAMPTON (3); FREY, H. (138); FULLER (179); FUNK, C. (3); FUNK, J. (10); GALBRAITH; GARRISON (17); GRIFFITH (241); GRIFFITHS (41); HALL, M. (96); HALL, Y. (479); HAMMAN; HANKS (9); HANSEN (8); HATFIELD (218); HEMMER (8); HOBBS (60); HOPKINS (43); HUNT (5); HYCHKA (20); ISMAIL (8); JACKSON (38); JANLE (19 - balance next week.

MAKE UPS: BOB BROCK, Fort Myers Beach, FL (two times); BOB GARRISON and JO WADE, Daybreak; BRUCE HARDING, Clarksville and New Albany, and Rotary Club Scout-O-Rama at Churchill Downs, KY; JOHN MC KEE, Zionsville; FAY SPURLOCK, Franklin, NC; and VIRGIL ST. JOHN, North Phoenix (two times) and Paradise Valley (two times), AZ. JOHN and Earl Butz, provided the program at Zionsville. JO was the speaker at Daybreak.

VISITING ROTARIANS: Connie Lux and Craig Lysinger, Daybreak; and Allen Milburn, District Governor Representative, Rotary Year 1999-2000, Lebanon.

VISITORS: Dr. Wael Harb (Greater Lafayette), guest of JERRY COLE (Dr. Harb is with Northside Cardiology of Lafayette); Tom Gregory (Greater Lafayette), guest of the Club and introduced by GRIFF; and Janice Sojka (Greater Lafayette), guest of ELSA JANLE (Janice is a Large Animal Veterinarian, School of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue).

HARRISON HIGH SCHOOL GUESTS: Melinda Redding and Michael Pietsch, guests of the Club and hosted/introduced by RAY PEETERS. Ray presented certificates of recognition and President BOB presented “Rotary Travel Mugs” (4-Way Test on them) to Melinda and Michael.

DOUG BRANIGIN, Chair, March Birthday Table, announced that Rotarians with birthdays in March contributed $2,437.00 to the International and Lafayette Foundations.

CORRESPONDENCE from CONNIE GRIFFITHS, spouse of President BOB...Dear Rotary members...You’ll never know how much your beautiful poinsettia lifted my spirits after surgery. How kind and thoughtful of you to send it.

10TH ANNUAL VOCATIONAL SERVICE AWARD (Award): ED HEMMER, Member, Vocational Projects Committee, introduced Honorary Rotarian Mayor DAVID HEATH who presented, after citing his many contributions to the Greater Lafayette community, the Award to Charles W. Shook, Vice President, Coldwell Banker-The Shook Agency. Mr. Shook, in accepting the Award, noted that the Greater Lafayette area is a great place to live, work, and be educated and cited four variables that contribute to this: Good government; Good public and private education opportunities; Many helpful not-for profit and religious organizations to assist those in need; and Good opportunities for employment. And, cited three organizations/agencies that he feels are representative of his remarks: Lafayette Symphony Orchestra; Wabash Center Inc.; and Salvation Army.

CRAIG IRVINE introduced Camille Bencteux, Rotary Youth Exchange Student from FRANCE, who made a most interesting presentation, with slides showing her home in the Alps. Camille is a senior at Central Catholic and residing with Connie, member of Daybreak, and David Lux. Camille spent her first three months with SUSAN SMITH.


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