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  Ripples - February 2, 1999

Volume 83, Number 31 – February 2, 1999

Continuing with TOM PEARSON's (Program Coordinator for February) theme, "The future of Lafayette over the next 5-10 years as seen through the perspective of a banker, a real estate professional, a healthcare provider, and a social services provider", the speaker will be...

Jim Shook, Jr., Vice President, Commercial, Shook Commercial Reality, will make a presentation about "The Future of Lafayette from the Perspective of a Real Estate Professional." Mr. Shook will be introduced by TOM.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - JIM HOBBS 11:15 to 11:45, and GORDY YOUNG 11:45 to 12:15; Greeter - CAPPI FITZWATER and JEAN JACKSON; Invocation - BARBARA DOSTER; Music - BOB FORD; and host of high school guests (West Lafayette) - BRUCE OWENS.

PLEASE NOTE: Today a pair of glasses left on the northwest table of the University Square Room. The glasses were taken to the University Inn Sales Office. Also today, almost another switch of top coats - please check each time to be sure you have your coat.

CLUB CONCERNS: Prior to the invocation today, President BOB GRIFFITHS (President BOB) first noted the return of JERRY COLE to Rotary; it was good to have him back, and then requested members to remember the following in their thoughts and prayers: LINDA EWING, spouse of KEN; CONNIE GRIFFITHS, spouse of President BOB; JANE HALL, spouse of YB, who was taken to George Davis Manor to recover from a recent fall; CHRISTOPH HOFFMANN, spouse of KAREN JOHNSON-HOFFMANN, who according to BETTY SUDDARTH, had surgery yesterday; MARGARET HALL; and HUGH STEELE.


NEW MEMBERS RESERVED TABLE for Tuesday, February 9, 1999.

CLUB MEETING next week, Tuesday, February 9, 1999, will be in Suites #1 and #3, Grand Ballroom, University Inn and Conference Center.

GLEE CLUB OUTING COMMITTEE (Committee) MEETING: BOB FORD, Chair, has called a meeting of this Committee for 11:00 a.m., Tuesday, February 9, 1999, Tailgate Lounge, University Inn and Conference Center. Members of this Committee are listed on the back of "Ripples."

INTERNATIONAL YOUTH EXCHANGE COMMITTEE (Committee): NICK CLARK, Chair, Committee, is seeking members who are interested in becoming host families for the 1999-2000 school year. The exchange student usually arrives in August and departs in July. The year is usually divided into four equal portions by host families. Since our Club has been joined by the Daybreak Club in this project, we will need only two families from our Club to consider accepting a student. Please let NICK know of your interest by calling 423-4617 (office) or 296-9943 (home). Deadline is April 1, 1999.

ALAN SHAWN FEINSTEIN $1,000,000.00 ROTARY CHALLENGE TO ALLEVIATE HUNGER: BETTY NELSON, Immediate Past President, announced that the Club had received a check made payable to the Food Finders Food Bank, Inc. (Food Bank) in the amount of ~$3,830.00 which amounts to approximately $.4968 for each dollar raised by the Club. Contributions by members and a grant from the Lafayette Rotary Foundation to the Food Bank amounted to $7,705.00. Therefore, this amount, $7,705.00, plus the amount from the Alan Shawn Feinstein Challenge, $3,830.00, means that the Club was responsible for generating $11,535.00 for the Food Bank's recent capital funds drive.

ROTARY WEB SITE ‹ www.lafayetterotary.org › will continue to have "Ripples." Previously CHRIS FUNK has been manually entering it; however, he was at GRIFF's residence on Monday and hopefully has him trained to e-mail "Ripples" from a disk directly to CHRIS. No guarantees at this time as to whether the training session was successful.

JANUARY 100% CLUB: Number indicates months of continuous attendance, no number indicates one month. ABBERT; ADAMS (80); BARRETT (17); BRANIGIN; BROCK (55); AL CHISCON (109); MARTHA CHISCON (101); COHEN, F. (37); COLE (2); COURTANEY (18); CUE (2); DIESSLIN (43); EWING (43); FEUER (193); FILMER (36); FOSTER (41); FREY, H. (137); FULLER (178); FUNK, C. (2); FUNK, J. (9); GARRISON (16); GRIFFITH, H. (240); GRIFFITHS (40); HALL, M. (95); HALL, Y. (478); HANKS (8); HANSEN (7); HATFIELD (217); HEMMER (7); HILLS (12); HOBBS (59); HOPKINS (42); HUNT (4); HYCHKA (19); ISMAIL (7); JACKSON (37); JOHNSON-HOFFMANN; KECK (36); KEPLER (104); KING, M.; KLUSMAN (46); GRIFFIN KOEHLER (90); KOHLS; KOSMAN (9); KUIPERS (2) - balance next week.

MAKE UPS: JOHN BARRETT, Snowmass Village, CO (two times); JERRY COLE, Anna Maria Island, FL (two times); LARRY LANE, Apopka, Maitland (seven times), Mt. Dora, and Sanford Breakfast, FL; and FAE SPURLOCK, Franklin, NC (three times).

VISITING ROTARIAN: Art Mai, Sharon Springs, KS.

VISITORS: Laurie Brose (Greater Lafayette), guest of CURTIS MULLEN (Laurie is Branch Manager, Manpower); Barrie Simpson (Greater Lafayette), guest of HANS NAUMANN (Barrie is President, Warren Industries Inc.); Sherm Kessler (New Ross), guest of BETTY NELSON; Ray Kavanaugh (Greater Lafayette), guest of TOM PEARSON (Ray is Head, Department of Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional, and Tourism Management and a former Rotarian from Stillwater, OK); Bonnie Trombello (Greater Lafayette), guest of LINA REEVES-KERNER (Bonnie is with Trinity Mortgage); Gerard Benner (Greater Lafayette), guest of STEVE THOMPSON (Gerard is a partner, Huth Thompson LLP).

MC CUTCHEON HIGH SCHOOL GUESTS: Ashlaine McDole and Travis Neal, guests of the Club and hosted/introduced by STEVE PENNELL. STEVE presented certificates of recognition and President BOB presented "Rotary Travel Mugs" (4-Way Test on them) to Ashlaine and Travis.

SPECIAL GUEST: Thomas Deinet, Ambassadorial Scholar from Wiesbaden, GERMANY, hosted and introduced by DENNIS WEIDENAAR.

MARVIN BLADE, Chair, February Birthday Table, announced that Rotarians with birthdays in February contributed $1,100.00 to the International and Lafayette Foundations.


- JOHN OSMUN has new address/telephone: 2741 North Salisbury Street, Westminster Village, Apt. #2109, West Lafayette, IN 47906 - telephone 497-9950.

- Greg Griffith has resigned from Rotary.

TOM PEARSON introduced Harry Dunwoody who made a most interesting presentation regarding the future of Lafayette from his perspective as a banker. Several Rotarians requested a copy of his presentation; therefore, Mr. Dunwoody most graciously left his notes with GRIFF. After he has an opportunity to edit the typed material, the presentation will be made available to those desiring a copy.

INVOCATION by BETTY SUDDARTH, singing led by BOB FORD; and Rotary piano by REX KEPLER.

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