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  Ripples - January 19, 1999

Volume 83, Number 29 – January 19, 1999

Dr. Marietta L. Harrison, Associate Director, Purdue Cancer Center, and Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, will make a presentation about "The Purdue Cancer Center." Dr. Harrison came to Purdue University in 1982 and has a B.S. (1970) from New Hampshire, and a Ph.D. (1980) from Wyoming. PAUL ZIEMER, Program Coordinator for the month of January, will introduce Dr. Harrison for her program presentation.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - GENE HILLS, 11:15 to 11:45, and SALLY WATLINGTON, 11:45 to 12:15; Greeter - BOB GARRISON; Invocation - HANS NAUMANN; Music - STEVE MOTT; and host of a vocational guest (fourth Tuesday of each month), Kevin Burk (Ivy Tech State College) - ED HEMMER.

CLUB CONCERNS, Prior to the invocation today, President BOB GRIFFITHS (President BOB), requested members to remember the following in their thoughts and prayers: JERRY COLE who had lung surgery at the Mayo Clinic and is now at home; LINDA EWING, spouse of KEN; CONNIE GRIFFITHS, spouse of President BOB, who had heart surgery and is at home; and MARGARET HALL who had quadruple heart bypass surgery is now at home.


SEMI-ANNUAL UPDATE OF "RIPPLES': This update contains two items that should be noted: (1) MARA WASBURN's last name is not spelled correctly in the Scholarship & Citizenship and Budget Committees listings - there is no "H' in MARA’s last name; and (2) Under the masthead of "Ripples' you will find the Club's newly registered "Rotary Website Address' - - www.lafayetterotary.org. This facet of the Board of Directors efforts to keep members and other clubs informed of our Club's activities is a part of the Public Relations Committee, GORDON KINGMA, Chair, with CHRIS FUNK (CHRIS) spearheading and maintaining the recent issues you may have seen on the web. CHRIS hopes to make each week's "Ripples” a part of the web.

TEN VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - FOURTH ANNUAL PENNY HARVEST (Harvest): World Community Projects Committee, MARVIN SLADE (MARVIN), Chair, needs ten volunteers to assist with the Harvest (collection of pennies and other coins in containers for Family Services, Inc.) by picking up these containers at five different business locations in the Greater Lafayette area. MARVIN will have a sign-up sheet at Rotary next week, Tuesday, January 26, 1999, or you may call him to volunteer at 463-931 0 - Residence or 423-9829 - Office.

SALVATION ARMY COMMITTEE: ANN PIECHOTA (ANN), Chair, provided a final report at today's Club meeting. The total from kettles, $5,073.62 (31% of total), and from 151 (56%) Rotarians, $11,616.98 (69% of total), amounts to the largest grand total ever, $16,690,60. ANN expressed thanks on behalf of JERRY MC CARTHY, Vice Chair, Committee members, and herself, to the Club for making K possible for the Committee to exceed all of its goals, i.e., total amount, number of Rotarians making a contribution, and amount per member.

Number indicates months of continuous attendance, no number indicates one month. KECK (35); KEPLER (103); KLUSMAN (45); GRIFFIN KOEHLER (89); KOSMAN (8); KUIPERS; LANDGREBE (102); LANE (445); LUHMAN (55); MC CARTHY (7); MC HENRY (40); MC KEE (234), MEEKS, K. (3); MICHAEL (109); MILLER, BILL R. (319); MITCHELL (109); MORRIS (70); MOTT (38); MULLEN; NELSON (50); PAGE (3); PAPE (220); PARK; PARKHURST (3); RAHDERT (78); REEVES-KERNER (5); RUNNELS (118); RUSSELL; SCHMIDT (242); SICER (283); SILVA (222); SMITH, K. (21); SMITH, S. (78); ST. JOHN (111); STEELE: (275); SUDDARTH (17); TAYLOR, H. (408); TEDER, D.; TEDER, L. (4); TURLEY (138); TURNER, J. (99); VALENTINE, W.; VERPLANK (404); WADE (60); WALKER (164); WATLINGTON; WEST (66); WHITE; and WILEY (220). CONGRATULATIONS to FRITZ COHEN and JEAN JACKSON who had three years; to JO WADE who had five years; to AL CHISCON who had eight years; to BOB FEUER who had 15 years; to BILL HATFIELD who had 17 years; and to HAROLD TAYLOR who had 33 years of 100% attendance at the end of December. Contact GRIFF for attendance lapel pins.

MAKE UPS: BRUCE HARDING, Clarksville and New Albany; VICKI MAYES, Daybreak; JAN GRIFFIN KOEHLER, South Ft. Myers, FL (two limes); and JOE SICER, Lake Placid, FL (five times).

VISITING ROTARIAN: Web Carlson, Constantine, MI; and Jim Snider, Daybreak.

VISITORS: Judy Smith (Greater Lafayette), guest of the Club (Judy is Human Relations/Customer Service Coordinator, Aluminum Co of America); and Jim McGlothlin (Greater Lafayette), guest of PAUL ZIEMER (Jim is Associate Professor, Health Sciences).

SPECIAL GUEST: Thomas Deinet, Ambassadorial Scholar from Wiesbaden, GERMANY, hosted and introduced by JUDITH HAMMAN.


MELINDA ANDERSON has a new residence address and telephone - 6332 Gallegos Drive, West Lafayette 47906-5797 - 567-6275.

ANN MILLER, according to SUSAN HYCHKA, had a baby girl, Megan.

KIM COREY back at Rotary today following the birth of her baby girl, Cameron.

RALPH MORRIS heading for Longboat Key, FL early in February.

Luis Proenza transferring to Akron, OH; Angela Hale and Bonny Siekman resigned from Rotary.

CORRESPONDENCE: MARGARET HALL.. Thanks so much for the beautiful miniature rose plant ... The doctors all agree I am progressing nicely ... I'm not used to being house bound! Will spring ever come? ... I miss the Rotary meetings. Some day when all the snow and ice are gone I'll be back...Thanks again. And, JOE SICER ... We still are having wonderful weather here ... Only two days so far when it got down into the mid 40's early in the a.m.

PAUL ZIEMER introduced Dr. Thomas Templin (Dr. Templin) who told about Thomas Templin the creation of the A. H. Ismail Fitness and Nutrition Research and Education Center (Center), named in honor of Professor A. H. Ismail, spouse of MARGERY ISMAIL, who lost a vigorous battle with cancer in 1984. The Center is a joint effort by the Departments of Health, Kinesiology, and Leisure Studies (HKLS), School of Liberal Arts, and Foods and Nutrition (F&N), School of Consumer and Family Sciences, to share an exciting field of research on the effects of exercise and nutrition on health, and on the consequences of health behaviors on mortality and morbidity. Dr. Templin then introduced Donna Hird, Director of the Center, who noted: Center is located in the basement of Lambert Fieldhouse and Gymnasium, and to be open April 1999; Center will be a premiere research/education facility; approximately 2,000 sq. ft. will appear similar to a physical fitness club and the balance of the space to be a testing area and offices for counselors; will get back to looking at the "Adult Fitness Program', started by Professor Ismail, which has served participants over the years - mainly older participants; functions as a clinical laboratory for HKLS and F&N students who are almost all service oriented; and will bring people in for students to work with as a part of their training and research work.

INVOCATION by DICK RAHDERT, singing led by MAURI WILLIAMSON; and Rotary piano by REX KEPLER.

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