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  Ripples - January 12, 1999

Volume 83, Number 28 – January 12, 1999

Dr. Thomas J. Templin, Head, Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Leisure Studies, and Professor of Physical Education and Education, will make a presentation about "The Ismail Fitness and Nutrition Research and Education Center." Dr. Templin came to Purdue University in 1977 and has a B.S. (1972) from Indiana and a M.S. (1975) and Ph.D. (1978) from Michigan. PAUL ZIEMER, Program Coordinator for the month of January, will introduce Dr. Templin for his program presentation.

MEETING FUNCTIONS: Money Collectors - GENE HILLS, 11:15 to 11:45, and SALLY WATLINGTON, 11:45 to 12:15; Greeter - STEVE HEIDENSON; Invocation - DICK RAHDERT; Music - STEVE MOTT; and host of high school guests (Jefferson) - STEVE MOTT.

PLEASE NOTE: Today a white plastic contact lens case (case) was found in the lobby area outside the University Square Room, University Inn and Conference Center (University Inn), where Rotary meets. The case had two places for lens (one lid was blank and nothing in it, while the other lid had a "R" on ft with a contact lens in it). The case was given to ERIC MURPHY (ERIC), Director of Sales, University Inn; ERIC noted that the contact lens case would be held in the Lost and Found Department, University Inn, telephone number there is 497-9515.

CLUB CONCERNS.- Prior to the invocation today, President BOB GRIFFITHS (President BOB), requested members to remember the following in their thoughts and prayers: JERRY COLE who had lung surgery at the Mayo Clinic and is now at home; LINDA EWING, spouse of KEN; CONNIE GRIFFITHS, spouse of President BOB, who had heart surgery and is back home following a relapse trip to Indianapolis; and MARGARET HALL who had quadruple heart bypass surgery is now at home.


ROBERT TAYLOR (BOB) with classification MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT--Strategic Alliance, was introduced by his sponsor, HANS NAUMANN. BOB and his spouse, MARTY, reside at 4223 N 300 W, West Lafayette, IN 47906-5559 - telephone 463-4775. BOB is employed by Caterpillar Inc., has an office on campus, Potter Engineering Center, Purdue (telephone - 496-2383, FAX - 494-081 1, and e-mail - @ taylorb@cat.com) and is Campus Executive for a joint Caterpillar-Purdue University project.

LINDA SIMUNEK (LINDA) with classification EDUCATION--University-Nursing-Administration, was introduced by her sponsor, JIM FENN. LINDA and her spouse, DENNIS, reside at 915 5th Street, West Lafayette 47906-2809 - telephone 743-8038. LINDA is Associate Dean, Schools of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences, and Head, School of Nursing, with office in Johnson Hall of Nursing, Purdue (telephone - 494-4005, FAX - 496-1800, and e-mail - simunek@nursing.purdue.edu


SEMI-ANNUAL UPDATE OF "RIPPLES': This update contains two important items of note: (1) Under the masthead of "Ripples' you will find the Club's newly registered "Rotary Website Address' - , www.lafayetteratary.org ; and (2) Of course, the adding of new members and appropriate changes on the various committees. This facet of the Board of Directors efforts to keep members and other clubs informed of our Club's activities is a part of the Public Relations Committee, GORDON KINGMA, Chair, with CHRIS FUNK (CHRIS) spearheading and maintaining the recent issues you may have seen on the web. CHRIS hopes to make each week's "Ripples" a part of the web as soon as he can get the Editor computer smart.

WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE COMMITTEE MEETING: DAVID BOUGH, Chair, after the Club Meeting next Tuesday, January 19,1999.

TEN VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - FOURTH ANNUAL PENNY HARVEST (Harvest): World Community Projects Committee, MARVIN BLADE (MARVIN), Chair, needs ten volunteers to assist with the Harvest (collection of pennies and other coins in containers for Family Services, Inc.) by picking up these containers at ten difference locations in the Greater Lafayette area. MARVIN will have a sign-up sheet at Rotary next week, Tuesday, January 19, 1999, or you may call him to volunteer at 463-9310 - Residence or 423-9829 - Office.

SALVATION ARMY BELL RINGING: ANN PIECHOTA (ANN), Chair, and JERRY MC CARTHY (JERRY), Vice Chair, reported a now figure for Rotarian contributions. The total for kettles, $5,073,62, and Rotarian contributions, $10,921,98, amounts, thus far, to $15,995.60 (68% of total from Rotarian contributions and 32% from kettles). GRIFF received additional Salvation Army contributions today amounting to $200.00, they were forwarded to DAVE for an official report. CONTRIBUTIONS WILL STILL BE ACCEPTEDI

VOCATIONAL PROJECTS COMMITTEE (Committee): ELAINE CUE, Chair, announced that Vocational Service Award nominations are due by Tuesday, January 19,1999. Nomination forms, i.e., criteria for making a nomination, nomination form (on reverse side of criteria for making a nomination), and a listing of past winners, are available from Committee members, see back of "Ripples", or from GRIFF. PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT TO NOMINATE AN INDIVIDUAL FOR THE VOCATIONAL SERVICE AWARD.


VISITORS: From School of Nursing (Pam Aaltonen, Assistant Head, Undergraduate Study; Carolyn Czyz, Freshman; Becky Lohman, Writer- Editor; Larry Plawecki, Freshman; and Sharon Wilkerson, Assistant Head, Graduate Study); Mike Sanders (Greater Lafayette), guest of BARB DOSTER (Mike is Assistant Director, Undergraduate Programs, Krannert, Purdue); Laurie Brose (Greater Lafayette), guest of ERIC MULLEN (Laurie is Branch Manager, Manpower); Ray Kavanaugh (Greater Lafayette), guest of TOM PEARSON (Ray is Head, Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional, and Tourism Management and a former Rotarian from Stillwater, OK); Bonnie Trombello (Greater Lafayette), guest of LINA REEVES-KERNER (Bonnie is with Trinity Mortgage); Jim McGlothlin (Greater Lafayette), guest of PAUL ZIEMER (Jim is Associate Professor, Health Sciences).


JIM IRVIN heading for FL on Thursday of this week. - Tom Fihe dropped from membership.

PAUL ZIEMER introduced LINDA SIMUNEK (LINDA), newest Rotarian, who along with Pam Aaltonen, and Sharon Wilkerson, presented an informative program about Purdue's School of Nursing. Facilities include: (1) Nursing Center for Family Health - one of the first nurse-managed clinics for health promotion and primary care at a school of nursing; (2) Carroll County (Delphi) Nursing Center for Family Health - faculty-student collaboration in the delivery of culturally sensitive primary health care; (3) The Center for Nursing Education, Research, and Practice (CNERP) - simulated critical care units, the latest in interactive, highly technical nursing education, and multimedia computer systems; and (4) Computer Lab - access to the World Wide Web and Purdue's extensive computer network. It was also noted that physicians, care agencies, etc. indicated a desire for advance practice people with masters degree. Thus, the School of Nursing, this fall, started, with 15 students, an "advanced practice nurses' program; after just a few months, enrollment is now 27.

INVOCATION by EARL PARK, singing led by STEVE MOTT, and Rotary piano by REX KEPLER.

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