Eulogy for
Lawrence F. Teder

Presented by Daniel A. Teder at
September 9, 2008 Rotary Meeting.


My father, Lawrence F. Teder, was born on November 9, 1918 and died on August 27, 2008. Dad was born in Ellsworth, Indiana. Ellsworth consisted of 3 to 4 houses and is now under the Patoka Reservoir in southern Indiana. Dad grew up on the family farm with his six brothers and sisters. The farm was located in Dubois County between French Lick and Dubois. The family farm was modern by their standards; a two hole privy and a well on the porch. Dad told many farm stories. The one I always remember was the bells of Jasper were ringing one night while his dad and some of the children were working in the fields. His father came by the house and asked his grandma to telephone and see what was happening in Jasper. She came out of the house excited because Jasper had won a sectional or regional sports title. My grandpa said is that the only reason the bells are ringing? "Get back to work". Obviously, my dad decided that farming was not for him. While on the farm he did receive an 8th grade education from Bender School. This school held one through eighth grades in one room on the corner of the family farm.

After leaving the farm, dad worked in the Jasper furniture factory for a short period. In 1939, he enlisted in the Navy at Great Lakes. His first assignment was painting a submarine tender. Dad told me that by picking up a clip board and pen he looked the part of a supervisor for the painting crew. His superior agreed and supervision was his specialty. Shortly thereafter, he became a submariner. His first duty was aboard the U.S.S. Guardfish. The Guardfish was recognized for its many enemy runs and the number of ships it destroyed. Dad received the Silver Star and a presidential citation for his many acts of heroism abroad the Guardfish. He claimed they were in Tokyo harbor watching enemy ships but said they never saw the horse races. I remember watching the Guardfish story on television presented by Navy log. The program even mentioned my dad by name - I was very proud.

We lived on the east and west coasts during Dad's military career. Initially we stayed in military housing. However, on one occasion, returning from vacation in southern Indiana, the furnace in the house had blown up and soot was everywhere. My mom cried and Dad said he would buy her a house. He kept his word and purchased a 40x10 New Moon trailer. We also lived in Bloomington and Lafayette. Dad received his High School diploma during those years and well as just shy of receiving his bachelor degree in business. If he had a regret, it was not graduating from college.

The last of his 20 year naval career was with the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea. We were stationed in Villefranche, France during my father's naval career. Dad was gone most of the time visiting with dignitaries of the various seaports. We would always get letters and cards saying he had dinner with the Mayor of Malta, etc., the flowers were beautiful and that he missed us very much. My mother was at home with three children and ants. The ants were constant and they were everywhere. She also had to contend with a teenage son who realized that all the beaches were topless.

Upon his retirement, the family stayed in Lafayette. Dad became a manager for a mutual fund company. He had a successful career and got to know John Templeton, a pioneer in the mutual fund industry. He was also an acquaintance of Warren Buffet. The family called him St. Warren. I would suggest that if St. Warren said to wear green shoes and pink underwear dad would agree because this would cause his stocks to increase in value. After a 20 year career, my dad retired from this endeavor.

Dad's next career was a stock broker and real estate investor. His pride and joy was Whispering Winds Apartments. I received many cards, letters and phone calls from former residents thanking my father for his generosity and thoughtfulness. He treated the residents as his extended family.

My father's creed was do right for God, for county and then become successful. He accomplished all three.