Eulogy for
James Freeman Smith
Presented by Jay Smith
Given at Rotary Club May 5, 2009

Rotary Eulogy for Dad - James Freeman Smith
* Please sit down. Memoirs - 105 pages and 67,000 words.
* Born in Hancock Co. Wilkinson, IN. Oct 11, 1920. Died here April 7, 2009.
* Youngest of 8.
3 brothers & 4 sisters.
His Mother was an only child. She died when he was 13.
Aunt Sara survives at age 93 and helped raise him.
* Graduated from high school in 1938.
Could not afford college.
Important for my sister & me to attend.
* Married my mother, Peggy Gordon, in Indpls. on May 30, 1942 and she survives.
Thriving at Westminster Village.
* Drafted in US Army August 1942. Discharged Jan 1946.
1st Seargent in the Quartermaster Corp. Set up USO shows in NYC, Phil, Chicago, SF selling War Bonds.
Led to other fundraising endeavors such as ringing the bell for Salv Army
* Worked for the High Point Oil Company for 46 years 1938 to 1984
District Sales Mgr. - Marathon & Pennzoil
Could have sold anything - never met a stranger
* My sister, Sandie, was born in 1948.
"Tough Love"
* Moved to Lafayette in 1953.
Lived in the same house until 1984.
Moved to Aiken, SC for 14 years of retirement.
* Picked up his golf nickname, "Shady", in the mid-50's.
Wally Smith at the downtown Elks Club.
* Golf was very important to him. (Thankfully, for me, too.)
Starter for IJGA, Purdue, and in Aiken.
Loved The Masters.
* All high school and college sports:
Colt World Series Comm & PA Announcer
Jeff Basketball Stats
Purdue Press Credentials
Purdue Women's Basketball
* Very active in Central Presbyterian Church and in Aiken
* Rotary - 1957
Loved Glee Club outings, Rotary Camp, Frankfort CC
Wisdom Table or Old Geezers Tabl
Aiken Club - Sgt at Arms - Paul Harris Fellow
* Dad simply wore out after 88 _ years - kidneys and heart
Wasn't afraid to die and he was ready.
Very orderly dying process and with little suffering compared to many.
* Most people said Dad was a great guy, always had a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.
Loved to tease the waitress, the store clerk, the nurse...
* I never had to buy Tom Brokaw's book, "The Greatest Generation."

I had a living example.

Jay Smith