Rotary Griff Story

Harley 'Griff' Griffith, Jr.

As President of the Club in 1990-91, Griff always kept me out of trouble with the Lafayette Board, at the District level, and RI in Evanston.
Digital photography was just coming in vogue and nobody had a home computer that would store the 293 pictures for a “pictorial directory”.  To the rescue:  Bruce Harding and his access to a larger computer at a local University.  The picture taking process began.  I suggested to Griff that we make a log with a number and name for each picture.  He said that it would be unnecessary.  The proofs came back and Griff could name each Rotarian (including their wife’s name and membership category) as fast as the proofs could be laid down on the table before him.  Amazing recall!
The early directories always had a little extra “photoshopping”—a mustache or a head of hair on a bald Rotarian, etc.  I never did discover if that was a little Griff humor or Bruce humor or a collusion between them.  Everyone was just a wee bit leery to look at the new directory to see if they were to be the target for that year.
Thomas F. Moran III
Past President
Lafayette Rotary Club
May 26, 2014