Griff - 5.2014

Harley 'Griff' Griffith, Jr.

Harley Griffith, or "Griff" as we all ALWAYS called him was my mentor, a devoted Rotarian, a wise and caring man, who was like a father to me. He made me laugh and shared the best jokes (often dirty, but it did take him a few years of knowing me, before he shared all his jokes)!

I assisted Griff at the back table after becoming a Rotarian myself, that’s when he intensified his guidance to me; we were family once I was a Rotarian. He was the founder of the Convention & Visitors Bureau, being the main writer of our legislation that put us into existence. He was there when I started at the CVB, and he guided me in this new position. He was my first board president when they put me in charge. When he told me he was leaving the CVB board I cried - he told me he was so happy I cried, because everyone in the restaurant would think he was breaking off an affair with me.

He always knew how to make me laugh and lighten the situation. I am a better person for having known and loved this wonderful father figure and teacher. I'm grateful to Griff’s kids that they shared their dad with me, so early in my career when I had no dad to guide me along the way. Miss you Griff!

Jo Wade