Thoughts about Harley Griffith

Harley 'Griff' Griffith, Jr.

I first met Griff at Rotary when I joined in 1990. As Executive Secretary, he was one the first people that would meet you and he did it with a firm handshake.  His first question of me was, “Which Committee would you like to join?” to which I replied, “I don’t really know.”  His response was, “Good, I will assign you to the Home Hospital Fair Committee.” I didn’t argue and later I found it was a good choice as I met lots of our Rotarians and people of the community.

While Griff appeared to have a gruff manner as he usually said what was on his mind, he was as gentle a person that you would ever meet. He would ask about your family members as that was his way to get better acquainted with you. Imagine a few weeks later how thrilled I was when he asked about my sons, calling them by name!

Griff was largely responsible for growth the Club to over 300 members and it became a significant organization working with youth in our Community.  We all really honor him for his “Service Above Self” which he really set into practice.

--Chris J. Johannsen