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Need additional help? Click on one of the links below:

- I Forgot My Password

If you forgot your password, click the link below to reset your password.

Reset My Password

- Reset my saved login values

If you need to reset your saved login values, click here:

Reset my saved login values

- Reset my failed login count

If you need to reset your login count due to too many failed attempts to login, click here:

Reset my login count

- My Email address changed, now what?

SO, your E-mail address has changed. There are 2 scenarios that come into play, if you are using your e-mail address as your Username to log in.

First, if your member record in the database has NOT been updated yet, then you can login using your OLD e-mail address as the Username.

Then, once you log in, just EDIT your record, and update your Username Then, just remember your new Username, the NEXT time you login.

Or alternatively, if the Club Secretary has already updated your member record with your new E-mail address, then just log in using your new e-mail address as the Username.

Finally, your Username needed to "log in", is a separate field in your member record from your e-mail address. THUS, it is your choice to use the same value in both places, or use a completely independent value for your Username.

Just check the box to REMEMBER your new Username the next time you log in. And, you could log out immediately after updating your member record; then log back in, using your new log in values while they are still fresh in your mind.

- Other Login Problems

To log into the system, you need to enter at least 2 data fields:

  • User Name - Usually YOUR E-mail address -or- the ONE assigned to you by your club or district
  • Password
  • Club Number (Only required if your security level is greater than level-4.)

FIRST, did you try resetting your Password?

Please click here where you can enter your Username and we send you your a link to reset your password.

And, once you access the system the first time, YOU can update your User Name and Password to whatever values you choose. Just be sure to REMEMBER them, and the Password values are "case-sensitive".

SECOND, make sure you are going to the right URL and if having problems, not using a book-marked value.

Please click here to go to the right URL to login.

THIRD, sometimes your cookies need to be reset.

Cookies are used to save some login values, and if your credentials were changed, there is good reason to believe that your saved values are not correct. Please click here to reset your cookies and login again.

FINALLY, we have found a few "login problems" are associated with a piece of software that "constantly swaps" the user's IP number (supposedly for "privacy").

The Names of the offending programs that we have identified so far are:

  • PRIVACY (by McAfee)
  • ANONYMOUS (a freeware program)

The only solutions are to remove or disable the offending program in your local system. These programs prevent us from establishing a "session link" with your computer, that we need to share your access level information across the different functions within the DaCdb session.

If you still need assistance logging into the database, please contact your support staff, using the HELP Contact information for your district. Or, contact the Database Administration support staff, describing the specific problem you are experiencing.

Support Team:  /  720.504.7300 x1