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To log into your district or club database, just click the link. And then just key-in your UserName and PassWord to access your district or club's database records.

The District and Club database now has something for everyone: Members, Clubs, and District Officers!
Members are encouraged to sign-on and update their own data (name, address, phone, e-mail, business data, their photo and spouse's information). And, members can view (or print) their club’s membership directory (with member photos) in just a couple of clicks.
Club secretaries are able to submit their Monthly Attendance data (and new for July 1, 2008, they can now submit their attendance WEEKLY), update their club’s location and meeting times, maintain their membership roster (new members, changes, and terminations), and print name badges or club directories (with member photos), or e-mail ALL members in your club, in just a couple of clicks. And print a Rotary Foundation transmittal report for your annual giving and sustaining member contributions. In addition, clubs can publish their meetings, events, and fund raisers in the on-line calendar, with district-wide distribution. And, a new function that sends personalized, individually addressed e-mails, to every member in just 2 clicks. These personalized e-mails results in "higher response" rate to your messages. Also, the new DUES and Invoicing module for Clubs.
In addition, clubs can now get t heir own web site and for easier communications with their members and others, using many of the database transactions to KEEP your web site current!!! These web sites come in 2 flavors: standard and custom. For an example of a standard web sites, please visit: -or-, or for a customized web site, please visit:
We can assist your club in getting either of these web sites established, along with or without registering your club's domain name. Just send us an .

Rotarian using DaCdb

Just click on any of the "links" for a quick "how to" iVideo

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For a non-technical "overview" of the DaCdb system's Functions, Features, and Benefits

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For PDF "printed overview" of all the Club Secretary functions, complete
with "screen shots"and hints.
(courtesy of Ed Terry, Jonesboro RC - D7690)

Also, please read the "testimonials" from governors and DCO/CCOs using the DaCdb.

Then, district officers have access to current club and member data, and can publish current Club Meeting Times & Locations on the on the district’s web site. And now, every club has their own standardized web page (linked from district’s web page), showing their club’s leadership, calendar, and membership roster. In addition, the district is now able to communicate current information regarding district events and programs via the district’s calendar functions and broadcast personalized e-mails to all members with a current e-mail address, in just 2 clicks. These personalized e-mails have proven to result in "higher response" rates to your messages.
So, are you ready to "sign-on" and take a tour? We have a live district web site, and ALL the "pages" are generated by the District and Club database (DaCdb) or via our proprietary user content management system: uPAGES.. This means the user maintains all their data via the "District and Club Database" and updates all the other pages themselves via uPAGES. This approach improves the accuracy and reduces delays in displaying current information on your web pages.
Just go to this district’s web site (, then click ON any the navigation buttons to see the kind of data instantly available to visitors to your web site. Or, check out some of the club sites on, and see how they use the database to feed their web sites. One of these "standard club web sites" was the runner-up for best club web site in the district...not bad, considering it is virtually maintained from the club's database, with no additional effort!
Okay, how can our club or district start using the "District and Club database"?
  1. Just say "YES", I want the "District and Club Database" for my district or club.
  2. Assign someone in your club or district to be your CCO/DCO
  3. That's IT! We will convert your club or district's data and work with your CCO/DCO, to initialize the "District and Club Database" for your club or district.
  4. And, be sure to read the "testimonials"...from governors and CCO/DCO's using the DaCdb.
So, if you want MORE "information" about the "District and Club Database", just give us a call (252-257-2563) or send us an .

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